Healing Wrap

Our very special PBT Healing Wraps are each hand knitted with love. It’s in a triangle shape that measures about 48″ wide and about 34″ long. It is super soft and easy to care for. Just wash in cold machine wash setting and low dryer setting with a mild detergent such as Woolite or Dreft. It also includes a bamboo pin to secure the shawl in place.

Why bamboo? Bamboo patiently remains underground for years. Then and only when it’s ready, it shoots up quickly, powerfully and unapologetically with strength and beauty. That’s a similar route we take when we’re healing from betrayal and broken trust. While we each have our own path and timeline, moving forward after betrayal takes intention and strength. When we commit to healing, we grow healthier, more confident, more peaceful, more empowered and happier.

We become a force to be reckoned with…just like bamboo.

Each purchase of our beautiful PBT Healing Wraps adds $25.00 to the PBT scholarship fund. So, those who wouldn’t be able to afford membership in our incredible healing community have the opportunity they wouldn’t otherwise have. Wrapping yourself in beauty and comfort helps you while helping others…that’s what we call a win-win.

*Note: Trust Again book, by Dr. Debi sold separately (TrustAgainTheBook.com)