If you’re feeling the tension and like your nervous system is in overdrive, B vitamins are going to be important for you throughout the healing process to give you energy. Every ingredient in this formula is bioavailable – a combination of B vitamins that are going to work synergistically to support the nervous system and bring that sense of calm. 

120 vegetarian capsules

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This very powerful B vitamin combination formula supplies most of the B vitamins in their coenzymated forms, so the body does not have to phosphorylate them in order to be used in biochemical reactions. This formula also includes our proprietary NatureFolate™ blend of active isomer naturally-occurring folates. TMG and choline are included to support methylation.

Made with non-GMO ingredients.


B vitamins are a family of water-soluble nutrients, each with a distinct role to play in promoting health. B vitamins play critical roles in modulating biochemistry and metabolism, and represent the most common vitamins utilized by the body as cofactors for facilitating enzymatic function. The modern refined diet, high in sugar, alcohol, and devital­ized foods, leads to lower levels of B vitamins. Stress and many medications may also lower B vitamin levels. While B vitamins have mainly been researched individually, they also have therapeutic power when taken together.

DFH Rationale for Replacing Folic Acid with NatureFolate™


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