The 21-Day Forgiveness Journey

Proclamation:  National Forgiveness day

Believe it or not, forgiveness is the antidote to feeling the blame, and the resentment of a betrayal. My name is Dr. Debi Silber and I am the founder and CEO of The PBT® (Post Betrayal Transformation®) Institute which helps people heal and transform (physically, mentally and emotionally) from the devastating effects of a betrayal.

Interestingly enough, forgiveness is a powerful bridge that gets you there.

But we all know how hard it can be sometimes to forgive. That’s why The PBT Institute founded National Forgiveness Day (celebrated yearly on September 1st).

Join us on the journey. I am going to walk you through the process that I created because of my own experience. We are going to go through the actual Stages of healing after a betrayal, and how you can get to a place where you really are able to forgive, that person or situation who you thought you never would be able to forgive.

Debi Silber Portrait

Can’t wait to experience the power of forgiveness with you!

Dr. Debi and The PBT® Institute

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