Are you healed or hardened?

Struggling to trust? You could be struggling with symptoms of Post Betrayal Syndrome.

Is a Betrayal (Big Or Small) 
keeping you sick, stuck, anxious, Angry, Or exhausted?

Struggling with Trust? You May Have Post Betrayal Syndrome.
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Is a Betrayal (Big Or Small) 
keeping you sick, stuck, anxious, Angry, Or exhausted?

We get it. We've been there too. 

Are You Ready To Heal Your Betrayal So You Can Finally Trust Again? 

Are you struggling with trust and other symptoms of Post Betrayal Syndrome?
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Here's What's Waiting For You 


Certified PBT Coaches (coaches/healers) and Practitioners (therapists/doctors) who’ve been there, understand what you need, and meet with you as part of your membership


Through our warm welcoming process, we suggest the coaches, classes and more to customize your experience. If you’d like, we’ll even pair you with a “buddy” so you’re never alone


Daily classes, taught by Dr. Debi, Coaches and Practitioners around every topic that can help you heal physically, mentally and emotionally 


Enjoy quicker paced or more gently moving programs to predictably and consistently guide you through the proven and research-based Five Stages from Betrayal to Breakthrough 


A private, supportive and safe space to feel seen, heard, validated, supported and understood. We understand what you're going through and what it feels like because everyone in the community has been through it and is healing from it too. We understand the wide range of emotions, along with the unique and specific challenges/opportunities betrayal can bring

Curated experts

World class experts in the areas of mindset, health, spirituality, psychology, legal experts and more, offering their expertise…and leaving you with a gift if you’d like to learn more about their services



A portion of your membership supports a variety of worthy causes.

One lucky member each month chooses to which charity those funds go. Helping YOU helps others too!

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