Dr. Debi Silber

Trust Again

Overcoming Betrayal and Regaining Health, Confidence and Happiness

“ Recovering from betrayal can be hard, but it can be done with grace, love, and dignity, using the tips and tools in this warm and engaging book on learning to trust again.  ”

  • Five Proven Stages: Learn about, and move through the proven five stages from betrayal to breakthrough
  • Predictable Healing: Learn how predictable healing can be when you use the 4 step trust rebuilding process

Release Date October 4, 2020


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"After an experience with betrayal, it can be especially challenging to get unstuck and have the motivation we need to rebuild our hearts and our lives. 
Debi's research-based protocol, combined with her own story and those she's helped, teaches us how to trust again."

Mary Morrissey

International speaker and best-selling author

“While we may choose to be more guarded and protective in response to broken trust, it disconnects us from our source, ourselves and others. Debi shows us how to trust again so we can reconnect and become who we’re fully meant to be.” 

Dr. Sue Morter

Author of The Energy Codes

You couldn’t brace yourself because you never saw it coming. Your sense of safety and security is shattered in an instant, and the shock is imprinted on your body and mind. Your heart breaks, you feel like you got sucker punched, and the pain is so raw, consuming, and overwhelming you can barely breathe. Someone close to you, possibly a family member, partner, or friend, just pulled the rug out from underneath you—lies you so easily believed and actions you dismissed because it never crossed your mind that the one you trusted the most could ever hurt you. You thought this person had your back. You thought the two of you were honoring the same rules, sharing the same moral code, and respecting the same beliefs. This was a person you loved, trusted, and believed. 

This is what it feels like to be blindsided by betrayal.

During times of betrayal, when we most need support, sometimes the ones we would turn to first are the betrayers. Other times, we’re saddled with shame and fear. But it’s during these times when we need to turn for help and learn to trust again. This work offers support, comfort, and community to those struggling with feelings associated with betrayal and guides them to healing so they can love again, feel safe again...trust again. 

"Betrayal is intensely painful but this book reveals the pain remedy you need to heal, regroup, and move forward with strength and love. A remarkable book."

Dr Joe Vitale

International Best-Selling Author of Zero Limits and The Miracle

In this book you will discover:

Proven Five Stages

Learn about, and move through the proven five stages from betrayal to breakthrough

Tools and Strategies

You will be lovingly guided with tools and strategies along the way

Predictable Healing 

Learn how predictable healing can be as they read not only Debi’s journey through betrayal, but the stories of others who have learned to heal, and move on from betrayal to a place of trust and well-being

Course of Action

Dr. Debi will teach you her four step process to slowly and carefully learn to trust again.

“The betrayal of someone we trusted can be devastating. As the Chairperson of Dr. Debi Silber’s PhD research study, I read her research, explored her data, and saw firsthand how profound this information is. A specific protocol to move through betrayal is unchartered territory and Silber has given us a step-by-step approach in order to use the painful experience of betrayal as a launchpad for transformation.”

Marilyn Schlitz, PhD

Chair, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Sofia University

Readers will learn about, and move through the proven five stages from betrayal to breakthrough, and will be lovingly guided with tools and strategies along the way. They’ll also learn how predictable healing can be as they read not only Debi’s journey through betrayal, but the stories of others who have learned to heal, and move on from betrayal to a place of trust and well-being. Readers will identify with at least a few of the many people in the book who share their unique experiences. In addition, they’ll learn about the three groups who didn’t heal and be inspired to take a different course of action so that they can have a more positive outcome.

"If you want to heal from heartbreaking betrayal, “Trust Again” provides a step by step healing protocol that will return you to a state of happiness, wholeness and the ability to love again by discovering how to gently, carefully and fully learn to trust again.”

Arielle Ford

Author of The Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of Your Life with the Law of Attraction

"Debi offers a clear and effective approach to moving forward after an experience with betrayal. Combining her research-based findings with her compassionate and inspiring style, Trust Again is a must-read for anyone ready to heal.”

Marci Shimoff

#1 NY Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason and featured teacher in The Secret

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“Betrayal is an insidious little secret that can destroy someone’s life and self-esteem in a matter of seconds. But in Dr. Debi Silber’s brilliant new book, Trust Again, you will learn that this deeply painful experience can not just be overcome, but actually transformed! If you’ve suffered for years in silence and have given up relationships for good, this book will be the catalyst for powerful change. Trust Again is filled with everything you need to be re-empowered, so you can rebuild a new, loving, joy-filled life. Bravo, Debi!"

Lisa Winston

#1 Best-Selling Author of “Your Turning Point,” and TV Show Host

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About the Author

Debi Silber, PhD

founder of The Post Betrayal Transformation (PBT) Institute and thepbtinstitute.com

Debi Silber, PhD, is a holistic psychologist and a recognized health, mindset, empowerment, and personal development expert. She’s an award-winning and two-time TEDx speaker, coach, and author of the Amazon #1 bestselling book The Unshakable Woman: 4 Steps to Rebuilding Your Body, Mind and Life After a Life Crisis, The Unshakable Woman: The Workbook (a companion guide to the book) as well as two books recommended by Brian Tracy, Marshall Goldsmith, Jack Canfield, and many more. Debi’s contributed to Fox, CBS, The Dr. Oz show, The Huffington Post, Shape, Self, Health, Working Mother, Forbes, Psychology Today, WebMD, Ladies Home Journal, MSN, Woman’s World, and Glamour to name a few. Managing The PBT Institute, teaching, speaking, coaching, mentoring, and writing, she’s also married (twice) to her husband Adam for 28 years, is the proud mom of Dani, Dylan, Camryn, and Cole and is the proud mom of six dogs, Scooby, Nike, Roxy, Gigi, Kasey, and Brody.