Meet the Team

When you join our PBT Membership, you're not just joining Dr. Debi to help you heal. We have an entire team of people ready to support you along every step of the way. 

Dr. Debi

CEO & Founder

Dr. Debi Silber is the founder and CEO of the PBT Institute and is a holistic psychologist, and a health, mindset and personal development expert. When you're ready to take your healing to the next level, it's time to work directly with Dr. Debi!


Client Care Specialist

Amber is the front line of it all. She welcomes all new members into the community, gets them onboarded and continues to support them throughout their time spent with PBT.


Coaching & Certification Manager

When you sign up for our Host Certification Program or become a PBT Coach or Practitioner that works within The Community, Ling is your go to! She manages everything under those umbrellas - making sure our team of Coaches,  Practitioners and Support Group Hosts are well supported and have everything they need.


Community Engagement Manager

Stephanie is one of the moderators in the PBT Community, from answering questions to guiding you to the right resources. She also hosts the PBT Café sending love and affirmations to all as they work through PBT.


Developer & Technology Specialist

From course creation to any sort of troubleshooting - Thom brings all our ideas to life! If something needs to be developed or a tech issue comes up, he is who we turn to. He's the brains behind all the incredible things you see inside the PBT Membership.


Operations Manager

Karley is behind the scenes making sure PBT is running smoothly and efficiently. She manages internal processes, helps troubleshoot, and ensures things are moving along in the right direction.


PBT Lead Coach

Peggy is a lead coach in our PBT Community. She meets with members for their 1:1 private monthly sessions, coaches live classes weekly and supports our other coaches. Her specialty is Reconciliation & Forgiveness! She has a 27-year background in mental health & addictions.


PBT Researcher

Mars researches the most appropriate companies, online and in person experiences that would benefit from the work of Dr. Debi and The PBT Institute


PBT Golden Voice

Marge is the newest and most senior member of the team, she shares inspiration and wisdom in the community and posts her "Along the Way" blog in the PBT Café & a bit of trivia.

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