November 27



The mind-body connection is a crucial aspect of healing, and it plays a significant role in our overall well-being. Tune in to discover the remarkable connection between our thoughts, muscles, and chemical processes as we explore the power of providing support to unlock the body’s innate healing abilities and release deep-rooted trauma.

Dr. Debi had the pleasure of bringing back the incredible Rachelle McCloud, a Mental Health Therapist and Emotional Wellness, in this week’s episode. Together, they dive deep into the topic of healing and overcoming anxiety, depression, and trauma, and explore what’s missing in traditional therapy.

Rachelle shares her insights and experiences from years of successfully helping clients move past their symptoms and into remission and discuss the importance of addressing the root causes of pain and trauma, rather than simply managing, or coping with them.

Rachelle also introduces some powerful practices that can help release decades of trauma in a simple, effective, and efficient way. Whether you’ve been carrying the weight of unhealed pain for a while or are simply interested in learning more about emotional wellness, this conversation is sure to provide valuable insights and tools.

Key Takeaways:
[00:01:57] The mind-body connection.
[00:03:25] Brain's map of understanding.
[00:07:40] Breaking free from recurring thoughts.
[00:10:06] What is tapping? How can it reduce emotional pain?
[00:14:39] Embrace and process painful experiences.
[00:15:11] Holding painful energies.
[00:17:21] Empathy and healing.
[00:19:21] Rapid interventions for emotional healing.
[00:20:32] Results of the intervention.
[00:24:27] Energy medicine and healing work.
[00:26:47] EMDR and trauma intervention.
[00:31:11] Pain and healing process.
[00:33:18] Release trauma, heal the brain.
[00:33:48] Four interventions for trauma healing.

Memorable Quotes
“Our body is designed to heal. And all we're doing is providing it the support it needs. And bodies do need support. That’s part of our design.” – Rachelle McCloud

“The healing work does not need to be painful or pushing. And I really want to take away a correlation
with the amount of pain you feel is the amount of progress you’re making. That is not true. Pain actually slows down the healing process. That’s why we’re in this in the first place, because something painful happened and it’s taking forever to get through the healing process.” – Rachelle McCloud

Links Mentioned In This Episode
Website: thepbtinstitute.com

Where To Find Our Guest
Website: rachellemccloud.com
Instagram: @rachellemccloud
Facebook: Rachelle McCloud, LCSW

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Gabriela Besel

Client Care Specialist

Gabriela is the front line of it all. She welcomes all new members into the community, gets them onboarded and continues to support them throughout their time spent with PBT.

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