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You have probably heard of mindfulness as a buzzword before, but have you ever taken the time to explore exactly what the mind is? Darrin Ford is a licensed marriage and family therapist, nationally recognized speaker and internationally recognized author, who is here today to share his knowledge about the utilization of mindfulness when looking for ways to heal.

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Post betrayal syndrome is the collection of physical, mental and emotional symptoms. Over 7,000 people at this point, took the assessment to see up to what extent they’re struggling from. So many need heartbreaking details, but one came in and I thought would really help because it’s something we see all the time: after all the betrayal we’ve been through, can people really keep their faith?

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From Betrayal To Breakthrough Podcast 119: Healed People, Real People w/ Sue Mocker

Sue Mocker is an author, professional speaker, and hope consultant. Sue works in the spheres of healthcare, ministry, education, and business to make transformational changes in the matters of the heart. After experiencing both marital betrayal and familial betrayal, Sue did the hard work to find hope after healing and is here today to share her knowledge with you.

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From Betrayal To Breakthrough 118: Betrayed by Chronic Illness w/ Inna Topiler

Often when we think of health issues as a symptom of an unhealed betrayal we think on the grand scale of things, including cancer and heart disease. But did you know that everything from IBS, to skin issues, headaches, and chronic fatigue, could be a symptom of something greater? If you have experienced any type of health issue, there is a very good chance that an unhealed betrayal could be at the root of your symptoms. 

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From Betrayal To Breakthrough 117: Creating Joy from Fear w/ Dr. Carla Marie Manly

If you ask me, fear is the biggest reason we stay stuck in our lives. While fear is at the root of almost everything, it is only by understanding the differences between irrational and realistic fears and constructive and destructive fears that we can reach the power of transformational fear. Dr. Carla Marie Manly is a clinical psychologist, author, and advocate who is here today to help us understand the different types of fear, how to work with them, and how to minimize them so that we can take action in a way that serves us best.

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From Betrayal To Breakthrough 116: Using Humor to Heal w/ Paul Osincup

Most good comedy and humor come from the painful parts of life, but have you ever considered how finding the humor in a hard situation could help you heal? Paul Osincup is a humor strategist, TEDx speaker, and leading expert in the professional application of humor to reduce stress, build resilience, increase influence, and boost happiness. Paul believes in the power of humor in leadership and is here today to share how humor can enhance health and human performance.

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Stories of burnout are becoming increasingly frequent, but the standard medical community often brushes away the symptoms. After experiencing her own personal burnout, Nikole Stanfield realized that she needed to help others improve themselves through the same personal development. Now an Intuition Coach who helps successful business owners and entrepreneurs stop feeling unfulfilled and work through their burnout, Nikole’s passion is helping others love what they do. 

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Are you exhausted with all you are doing to be beautiful? With all of that effort, you could be betraying yourself by denying discovering who you really are. Diane Kazer is a former pro-soccer player turned functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner, courage coach, and holistic beauty expert. Your go-to-girl to break through anything despite what you

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