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Sandra Cooze, like many other women, was a victim of child molestation and sexual assault. For many years, she suffered the emotional, psychological, and social turmoil of growing up as a victim without the right support that she needed from her family.

After finally finding a way to completely heal from her old wounds, Sandra made it her mission to help others rise above their own trauma and live their lives free of anger, fear, and distress. Drawing from her personal experiences and her expertise as a holistic trauma coach, TIR facilitator, and spiritual development coach, Sandra discusses how it’s possible for others to let go and start living a happy, carefree life.

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Lisa Boucher’s career is anything but predictable. After a few short stints training polo horses and working as a flight attendant, a hairdresser, and a bartender, she decided to become a nurse—a profession she’s spent the past 29 years in, helping hundreds of people overcome alcoholism. Her fifth book, Raising the Bottom, is her response to traditional healthcare’s inability to offer genuine help to most people struggling with addiction.

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Judith M. Costa teaches people how to love unconditionally. She holds an MBA and a master’s degree in psychology and psychotherapy and is certified in a wide range of therapeutic methods. She has hosted workshops, retreats, and talks all over the world to help people overcome their inner obstacles to loving.

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Lola Scarborough is a 500-hour certified yoga teacher and a co-owner of Yoga Lola Studios. She’s also a certified life coach, an herbalist, a level three Reiki master, a novice astrologer, an ayurvedic consultant, and a certified ayurvedic practitioner.

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Noelle Cordeaux is the CEO and co-founder of JRNI Coaching. She’s also a feminist scholar, ICF certified coach, speaker, and sexologist who specializes in the relationship with the self. She has carved out a unique niche in the world of coaching combining positive psychology with clinical sexology. Noelle holds a B.A. in Literature from Rutgers University and a Graduate Certificate in Executive and Professional Coaching from the University of Texas at Dallas.

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