Human Design

Have you ever wished there was a user manual for how to create and live your best life? One that would help you know how to make decisions that are in your best interest, what to steer clear of, and one that would explain your relationships and life purpose on a deeper level?

How about knowing why certain things seem so easy for others…but for you, they’re harder, and you’re left struggling, feeling overwhelmed, or unfulfilled?

Would it be helpful to know your unique gifts, distinct talents, and exact blueprint so you can enjoy more ease and abundance in your health, work and relationships?


Welcome to Human Design.

WTH is that?

It’s the map and guidance to leverage and step into your best self. It’s your personal operating system; the unique way you’re specifically meant to move through life.

You are one of a kind; an important puzzle piece needed to create and contribute in the way that only you can. You were also born with a specific way to make decisions, feel in control, and harness your strengths so you can live an abundant, happy and fulfilling life.

When you’re not, it’s because…

You’re not living according to your human design.

So why am I so passionate about this?

I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on products, programs and “solutions” for different areas within my health, work and relationships…only to find that if I knew the way my specific blueprint was supposed to make decisions, I never would have wasted my money.

I’ve spent thousands of hours pursuing, trying, and pushing myself to the point of burnout; believing that’s the only way to move through and achieve something…only to discover those methods were never going to work according to my specific human design type.

It’s cost me my health in the form of illness and disease. It’s cost me relationships (personal and professional relationships I should never have been in) and it’s cost me countless hours and dollars that could have been better spent on things so much more rewarding and fun.

Human Design is based on astrology, the I’Ching, Kabbalah, quantum physics, and the chakra system. And, it’s not as “woo woo” as you may think (I was skeptical too).

One of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given myself is the idea that “just because I don’t understand something, doesn’t make it untrue.” So, I started studying Human Design and it made so much sense that I became fully certified so I can help our members within The PBT Institute on a deeper level.

The results were life changing.


Dr. Michele Gunderson


Beautiful Experience!

“What a beautiful experience. For the first time in my whole life I have found a profound sense of clarity and direction. I finally understand parts of myself I thought I never could!” 



It Changed My Life!




“Finding Dr. Debi & going through my chart has been a game-changer for me. It’s helped me make better decisions in my career & relationships…and I feel so much more at ease knowing how to successfully show up as my best, by understanding more parts of me!”



A Breath of Freedom!



This Validation is Huge!

Tanya-Marie Dube


Tracked My Life So Well!

“I really enjoyed the reading of my Human Design chart. It tracked my life so well and was helpful in helping me as I look to the future. Thank you, Debi!”



Your Life Explained Clearly!

Dr. Aimie Apigian



I loved everything about my experience with Debi and my human design reading. It was fascinating to explore my unique blueprint to living my best life! It confirmed what I always knew my path was, yet gave me the inspiration and confidence to follow that path.

Peggy Porter


Powerful Motivation to Keep Going!

Gabriela Besel


Know What Your Superpowers Are

“As a mental health professional I am fascinated with how the body and mind work. There are countless factors that make up who we are and how we behave from genetics to our environment, our love language, attachment styles and much more. However, we are always left wondering about the deeper “how’s” and “why’s.” This is exactly what the human design chart reveals. The human design breaks down not only who you are but why we function the way we do. If you want to know what type of people you will have more conflict with, or who you are most compatible with, the human design reveals that as well.

I always tell my clients that knowledge is power and we cannot change what we don’t know. The human design will let you know what your superpowers are, as well as, the areas where some growth or attention may be beneficial. Above all, the human design will let you know what makes you tick, and what ticks you off. I recommend the human design for individuals and couples alike if you would like a deeper understanding of your own personal human design.”

Mr. Jay, Betrayal Trauma Practitioner


None of them Come Close

“As a health entrepreneur, I’ve done many personality tests to help me be a better, more heart-centered entrepreneur, including Kolbe, Color Code, 16 Personalities and the Passion Test. None of them come close to unraveling the what, how and why to be the most joyful person I can be, in alignment with who I’m supposed to be - as my Human Design reading with Dr. Debi Silber. It has made me a better mother, better partner, better pediatrician, and better entrepreneur. I only wish I had done my analysis with Debi sooner - it would have saved me years of wasted money, sweat and tears!

Now I understand how to be in my flow, bringing out the best that I am - without pushing, pulling, or trying too hard. It’s hard to explain the increased joy and flow that is in my life, but I know that when you understand more fully who you are, how you work, and who you are meant to me - you will have the same joy and flow, too!”

Dr. Elisa Song, MD


Give Yourself Permission to be Who You Really Are

“Understanding Human Design is like finally giving yourself permission to be who you really are at your core. I’ve learned when inspiration hits that it’s okay to communicate to others I need my time and space—and on the other side of focus is something great I’m creating. I’ve also learned that it’s okay for my type to have my hand in several projects at once as this gives me energy and inspiration. I’ve always known I feel really big feelings and I’m learning to embrace my empathic sensitive side as well as trust my gut instinct that is always spot on!”

Dr. Debbie Bright


Nothing Short of Amazing!

“My Human Design reading with Debi was nothing short of amazing, revealing, accurate, and so validating.

I have been exploring health, healing, personal and spiritual development for decades and now realize that Human Design provides a clear “shortcut”, a guidebook for living.

Debi provided a most enjoyable and accurate look into my life, my personality, my work, and my soul’s true purpose during her reading. She creates a most loving, non-judgmental, and enthusiastic space where I felt truly seen, heard, and supported in being myself and expressing what I came here to do in this lifetime.

If you are looking for clarity either personally or professionally, along with deep insight into your true nature and purpose, and how to become the highest and best version of yourself, I highly recommend you run to Debi’s next appointment. I wish I had been exposed to this as a very young child!

Debora Wayne

Founder International Chronic Pain Institute - HighSpeed Energy Healing®



“Wow. My human design reading gave me so much information about myself and gave me new direction, and purpose. I feel so excited to move forward in my business and I understand so much more about myself-this is what I needed. One of the most important things I learned is how I absorb and amplify other people’s energy and emotions-that was so helpful to learn because I can be with certain people and feel instantly energized, exhausted or upset and not even know why-now I understand why that’s happening and can protect myself. I also learned how I should make decisions. This session was worth every penny.”

Rony William


What’s is my purpose?

"What’s is my purpose? Why do I feel things so deeply? Why do I handle situations the way I do? How can I get “un-stuck”?  These are just some of the answers I was seeking in an effort to understand my true self.

Until now, I only guessed what the reasons might be. I attributed much of my thoughts and behaviors to past trauma but it turns out the answers are far more organic. They lie in my human design.

With just the date, time, and location of my birth, Dr. Debi peeled back the layers and explained what makes me….ME. I now understand that my human design dictates how I navigate life and this awareness will help me make more informed, more appropriate, and smarter decisions.

After my chart analysis, I felt empowered and in control of my past, present, and future. I’m not a victim of circumstance after all. I’m designed this way for a bigger purpose and I’m excited to embark on the next leg of my journey with this clarity!” 



See for Yourself

If you've ever felt:
  • Misunderstood
  • Like you can’t get a handle on your emotions
  • Unseen
  • Unheard
  • Undervalued
  • Unsure about the type of work that serves you best
  • You can’t figure out why reoccurring themes keep showing up in your life
  • You understand things other people just don’t get
  • You can’t quiet your mind
  • You know you’re meant for more and don’t know what it is or how to find it
  • You just can’t seem to “just do it” like you see others do
  • Your motivation and drive seems to have an on-off switch you can’t control
  • You have the best of intentions…then don’t do what you say you’ll do
  • You can’t understand why others don’t have the energy or motivation you do
  • You’re constantly saying yes to things you later regret
  • Certain people energize you and others drain you
  • You hold onto things/relationships/jobs/grudges longer than you should
  • You’re trying to “prove” your value and worth
  • No matter how much confirmation you have, you don’t feel loved
  • And so much more…

It’s because you need to live by your specific design.

Get scheduled  so you can discover:

  • Who you are and what you're here to do
  • The way to make decisions best suited for your particular design (you'll save a ton of money and aggravation with this one tip alone)!
  • How to best protect yourself from stress and overwhelm according to your specific design
  • How and when to harness your strengths to create your ultimate you
  • How to access your conscious and unconscious behaviors driving your actions and habits
  • And more...

Each session includes:

  1. A private 1:1 session with Dr. Debi who will go over your individual chart
  2. A Human Design self paced video program to further explain details of your chart that you can go over on your own time and at your own pace-reinforcing everything you've learned

About Dr. Debi

Dr. Debi Silber

I’ve spent the last three decades studying trust, betrayal, forgiveness, and healing.

I didn’t choose to become a post-betrayal transformation expert. Betrayal happened and I was forced to choose my response.

I was deeply ashamed and embarrassed of my betrayals (from my family and my husband). I kept it to myself convinced that anyone I told would think I somehow “caused” it or was lacking in some way. In the beginning, all I could do was take care of my kids, my clients, my dogs, then I’d crash. Kids, clients, dogs, crash. Kids, clients, dogs, crash. On and on it went until one day, I blacked out and landed in the emergency room.

I remember being hooked up to all of these wires in the ER. A flood of red, hot anger rushed through me as I realized: “WTH am I doing here! If I don’t get my head together, this $%#! is going to kill me!”

There were no books or programs I could find to help me get through this intense pain so I enrolled in a PhD program with the hope of finding some way to heal. For my dissertation, I researched and conducted a PhD study on betrayal. I dove in deeper. I did everything any of my study participants said helped and tried it on myself.

As I researched, it became very clear that if we’re going to fully heal from betrayal, we will move through 5 Stages. Each Stage had clear characteristics with milestones and markers signaling a move from one Stage to the next. Like a road map, I moved through the Stages and started sharing my story privately with clients. They were shocked at the changes in me from week to week while they remained painfully sick and stuck. I wasn’t any different than them, I was just following the research to move through the Stages.

I was so excited! I created a Betrayal to Breakthrough program explaining the 5 Stages and how to move from one Stage to the next and started sharing it. As I heard the transformation stories, it was easy to see how the right type of support made all the difference and the wrong type of support does more harm than good.

That inspired me to launch our Post Betrayal Transformation (ThePBTInstitute.com) site so that anyone who’s been betrayed and is ready to heal can move through The 5 Stages from Betrayal to Breakthrough. I’m not going to lie. Healing from betrayal trauma and working through the anger and grief is hard, painful work. But having a research-based, proven, and predictable program, a like-minded community, and trained coaches and therapists (who have all been there and are now fully through the 5 Stages) makes the journey less lonely and more empowering.

Betrayal sucks. Healing from betrayal sucks. But staying stuck sucks even more. I tell our members it’s “hard now, easy later, or easy now, hard later.” Years later, with countless members moving through the Stages and feeling healthy, happy, whole, confident and healed, I know I’ve struck a chord. I am constantly moved by the deep transformations leading to new levels of health, new relationships (with the person who hurt them but in an entirely new way or with someone new), new businesses, passion projects, and more our members have experienced just by going through the 5 Stages from Betrayal to Breakthrough.

I would never have chosen this path of trauma but am so grateful it led to a stronger version of me. This life-changing experience also led me to marry my husband Adam… again, after we both transformed from the betrayal. We have 4 amazing kids, Dani, Dylan, Camryn, and Cole, a future daughter in law Molly, girlfriend Keely, and 3 dogs named Brody, Kasey, and Cali (we lost 5 dogs during COVID and Kasey and Cali are our new reminders to celebrate life and have more fun).

Thanks for reading my story. Hard now, easy later. Here’s to our transformation!