The PBT® Institute has been honored with establishing Sept. 1st as
National Forgiveness Day!

Dr. Debi Featured on CBS Chicago.

Even if you’re not ready to forgive, join us for the 21-Day Forgiveness Journey.

Wm. Paul Young

Gary Zukav

Dr. Deepak Chopra

Dr. Bruce Lipton

Neale Donald Walsch

Lisa Nichols

Dr. Mehmet Oz

Mark Victor Hanson

Michael Beckwith

Reverend Michael Beckwith

Brendon Burchard

Harv Eker

Sharon Lechter

Mary Morrissey

Mary Morrissey

Jack Canfield & James Malinchak

Kevin Harrington

Darren Hardy

Brian Tracy

David Bach

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News 12 Long Island
The Dr. Oz Show
Gary Null’s Progressive Radio Network
John Tesh Radio show
Long Island News Radio 103.9
Yahoo Shine
7 Barnaby and Friends, Michigan
WAFY FM Key 103
AM 1220 Cornwall, Ontario
1110 AM KAOI Hawaii
AM 1400 JET Radio
Nightbeat Radio
The Florida Show-Clearchannel
The Morning Show with Kenny Jones-Canada
Over 50 and Flourishing

Tone Networks
EFT for Betrayal
Tone Networks
iHeart Radio
KQRS Rocks-Minneapolis
WFSH-Kevin and Taylor in the morning-Atlanta
Chikii Woman to Woman
WALK 1370 with Natalie Weinstein
Fitness and the Fat Guy
KCTE Total Health
Good Parenting with Matt Buba
DreamVisions7 Radio

BOSS Radio Network 100.7
Living Well radio on Lite Rock 96.9 WFPG
AM800 KCLW Windsor
Long Island News Radio with Jay Oliver
Healthy Lifestyles with Lori Ann
America Meditating Radio Show
AM800 KCLW Morning Drive
The Michael Dresser Show
KZPL-Your Time with Kim Iverson
WZPL Indianapolis-Your Time with Kim Iverson
Interview with Bill Adams-CBS Radio-WIRK and WEAT
The Empower Hour with Dora Cameron
The Accidental Guru Show with Dov Baron
WGBB AM 1240 Health Media Live

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Huffington Post
Ladies Home Journal
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Woman’s World
Chicago Parent Magazine
Newsday’s Parent and Children’s Magazine
Vitality Magazine
My Family Doctor Magazine-Lose Weight
My Family Doctor Magazine-Salad Dressings
Today’s Diet and Nutrition
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Fit and Healthy Magazine

The Shift Network
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Woodbury Magazine-Fit Mom Model
Woodbury Magazine-Create your own Gym
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Times News Network
Forever Young
Being Branded “The Mojo Coach” with Debbie LaChusa
WAHM article Interview
Chicago Fitness Examiner
Interview for “Cool Book of the Day” with Dan Janal
Family Matters Radio
Morning Laziness

Authority Magazine
Family Matters Radio
Interview with One Roast Vegetable
Good Morning America’s Tory Johnson’s website

Women on Their Way-Wyndham Worldwide

The Ultimate Life Company

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National Wellness Podcast
The Lean Body Life Series
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The Self Worth Summit
Blog Talk Radio with Rena Reese
The Frankie Boyer Show
A Fresh Start With Sallie Felton
SmartStart Giving Charity Honor
Interview with Phil Harris-Blog Talk Radio
Get fit Radio with Shannon and Rob Yunt
Interview with Don Price-Blog Talk Radio
Interview with Christy Cuellar-Wentz for Mommy Muse-Voice America
Interview with Debba Haupert-Girlfriendology.com
Interview with Sasha Ottey of PCOS Challenge
The New Think and Grow Rich Radio Show with Ted Ciuba
Up Close and Personal with Bonnie Graham
Blog Talk Radio-From My Mama’s Kitchen with Johnny Tan
The Author Show with Don McCauley
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Voice America with Joe Sarti
The Challenge Radio Show
Maria Bailey of Mom Talk Radio
The Weight Loss Coaches Radio Show
PowerPod with Jim Bouchard
Wellness with Rose
The Laugh Anyway Mom Show with Tracy DeGraaf
Love Coach Radio

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Health Mysteries Solved
The Coaching Show
It’s Your Time
Your Brilliance
I Am Woman Project
Breaking Free: A Modern Divorce Podcast
The National Wellness Institute
The SPA Dr. Podcast
Get Well Soon
The Soul Frequency Podcast
Shamelessly Feminine
Betrayal Trauma Recovery
Fabulous and Fearless in Love
Global Women in Wellness
Wellness Recharge
The NOW Factor
Therapy Chat
Fork in the Road
The Fresh Tracks Podcast
Breaking Free from Abandonment and Betrayal Summit
Thrive After Divorce Summit
Shameless Mom Academy
I Do Podcast
Happy, Healthy Hormones with Dr. Chris
The Radical Shifts Summit
The Get Happy Hour
Stress Mastery with Dr. Heidi Hanna
Wings of Inspired Business
Support is Sexy
The Adult Chair
ROAR to Win
The Recovery Room
Earth Love Spirit podcast
Empowered Relationships
The Girlfriend Doctor Podcast
Inspiration Contagion Podcast
Thinking Big Podcast
The Empowered Spirit Show
Art of Feminine Negotiation
Revolutionary You
Rock Bottom Wellness
What the Func?
Stop the Menopause Madness Summit 2020
The Successful Thinker
Summit for Wellness
Happy Bones, Happy Life
Your Adrenal Fix
The Badass Phoenix Podcast 
Weight Loss in Menopause Summit
Fix Your Fatigue
Holistic Mama Summit
Amazing Relationships Summit
Trauma-the movie
The Myers Detox Podcast
The Shadow Shaman
Bulldog Mindset
Couples Synergy
Big Impact Podcast
Journey Forward
Motivation without the Hype
Women in Wellness
Is That Soh
Hurricane H
The Powerful Creator Show
Un-Caped Heroes
Don't Tell My Grandma
Better than Fine
The Heart Center
Health Coach for Women Podcast
Dream Power Radio
The Soulful Mind
Pieces of a Nation
Talking Addiction & Recovery
The Roller Coaster Podcast
Broken Families
Pursue Your Spark
Sex Unshackled
Organized Chaos
The Dream Power Show
Hypnotize Me
The Parent and Teen Toolbox
The Entrepology Podcast
Essentially You
The Real Heal Podcast
MisFit Nation
The WellMind Method
The Lucy Liu show
Let's Have this Conversation
The Art of Intuition
Passing Through
The Healing Place
LaQuinta's Toolbox
The Healing Place
Reinvent Yourself
Victorious Souls
The Vibes Broadcast Network
This Functional Life
Tips for the Transition
The Holistic Psychiatrist
Essential Alchemy
Wove Inspiration
Fearless Friday's with Maryann
Are You Satisfied?
Healthy Living Simple
WOVE Inspiration podcast
Doing Divorce Different
The Going North Podcast
LOA Today
Toxic Person Proof
The Wellness Mama
The Zachary Adama Podcast
Ordinary to Badass
The Trauma Recovery Podcast
Recover Your Sparkle
What Wild Women Want
Happily Ever After is Just the Beginning
The Natalie Tysdal Podcast
You Are Not Crazy
The MindShift Podcast
The Author Factor Podcast
Health Your Own Way
Am I Ok?
ReCharge Your Life 
Mirror Talk
Less Stressed Life
Get Attitude Podcast
The Vibrant Woman Summit
Brilliantly Resilient
Your Life, Your Story, Rise Up
Women Helping Women Entrepreneurs
The Stop Depression Summit
Disrupt Now Podcast
Optimal Life Podcast
Stories that Inspire Us
Living Life Naturally
Return to Authenticity
My Perfect Failure
Strong Men, Strong Marriages
Mirror Talk
Empowered Human
Beat Autoimmune and Thrive
The On Call Empath
The Therapeutic Poet
Thriving in Chaos
The Breath Effect
The Bravery
The Authentic Wife Podcast
The Pivot Point
Women on Purpose
Midlife Mentors
The Biology of Trauma Podcast
Be it Till You See It
Life of Love
Blossom You're Awesome
Supercharge Your Soul's Transformation


Celebrate Your Life-Soulfest
Medical Myths, Legends and FairyTales
Wellness Collective
Intimate Conversations
50 Ways to Women’s Wellness
Overcoming Insecurity and Low Self Esteem Summit
Wickedly Smart Women Podcast
The Art of Giving a Damn
It’s Never Too Late To Hit Reset and Start Over in Life & Love Summit
Divorce and Beyond Podcast
Detail Therapy
The Mental Wellness Journey Summit
Take Back Your Hormones Summit
Let’s Talk Wellness
Living Beyond Chronic Pain
Transforming Relationships
Empowered Mindset Summit
Rewire Your Brain to Think Thin Training Series
Financially Ever After
Inner Wisdom Eating Summit
Wellness Recharge
Forever Fit
Quest for the Best
Her Brilliant Health
Love is Medicine
Love With Integrity
The Relationship Help Show
Tell me Something Good
Meet the Elite
Wake up Your SuperHero

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Flipping 50
Find Your Feminine Fire
Mindful Medicine
The Wealthy Wellness 'Preneur Summit
Recovery Revealed Summit
Self-Sabotage Summit
Global Stress Summit
Rock Your Midlife Summit
Heal Your Hunger Summit
Learn True Health
Profit with Purpose
Lean Body Wisdom
The Food Mood Project: How to Make Peace with Food Restore Your Moods & Live a Vibrant, Fuller Life
Rational Wellness
Right Mind, Right Weight Summit
Eating Enlightened Summit
Weight Loss Code Summit
National Society of Leadership and Success: Motivational Mondays
Shift It! 15 Minute Miracles: Tips from the Masters
Superb Woman podcast
AES Nation with John Bowen
Authentic Leadership Summit
Center Stage and In Demand Summit
Behind Superwoman’s Cape Podcast
Health Care Revolution
THE SPA DR: Secrets to Smart, Sexy and Strong
Vital, Vivacious and Visible Summit
The Susan Brender Show
The Healthy Wealthy Entrepreneur Telesummit
Life Mastery Beyond 40 Video Summit
Lose Fat Over 40 Class
Soul Driven Success – Daily Inner Practice To Make A Difference While Also Making Money
Vibrant Health Solutions Radio show
The Oneness Approach with Michael Sent
Therapist to Coach
Guru Please
Minding Wellness
Annie Jennings PR
What Should I Do?
Heal Your Heart Virtual Conference
The Switch
The Divorced Women's Guide Podcast
The Ophelia Podcast
Infinite Love Podcast
Midlife Out Loud
In Your Corner Divorce Podcast
Post-Divorce Reboot Summit
Change Makers
Once Upon a Food Story
The Sleep Whisperer
The World's Greatest Women podcast
The Hennessey's House
Marriage Talk Podcast
Intuitive Turning Points
Mother Flipping Awesome
How Humans Heal
The Sweet Empowerment Podcast
The Healer's Cafe
Growth, Wellness and Purpose
Essential Alchemy
The New Mind Creator
Two Dates and a Dash
Bleep Midlife Bulimia
Everyday Wellness
BTR.org-Will I Ever Trust Again
The Way of the Emotional Warrior
The Tim Gillette Show
Unchain Your Inner Strength
Open Up and Speak
Radical Mother Village Podcast
Diva Tonight
Rebel Radio
From Hood to Good
The Hope Warrior Project
Your Longevity Blueprint
Our Voices Podcast
Create a New Tomorrow 
Make Time for Success
Shelor Select
The Ultimate Bio-Hack for Women
Your Divorce Survival Guide
HIListically Speaking
Success InSight
The Grown Ass Woman's Guide
Pencil Leadership
Rebellious Wellness Over 50
Not Over, Just Different
The Divorce Doctor
The Balanced Perspective
Not Over, Just Different
Resolution Revolution Summit
Scar Bearers
Discovering and Living the Best Version...of YOU!
Intimacy Truths Podcast
Now or Never Podcast
Hearts Entwined
The Intimacy Truths Podcast
Transition and Thrive with Maria
The Unstuck Podcast
Inspired Stewardship
Live Boldly
Linda's Corner
Rock Your Midlife
The Wellness Puzzle
Take the Upgrade
A Little Impolite
The Empowered Woman Podcast
Heal and Reconnect in Relationships
Married 2.0
What if it's Not Depression?
A Little Impolite Podcast
The Lovecast with Jamal
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Stronger in the Difficult Places
A Dose of Darkness Podcast
Love Launch Podcast
The Other Side of Potential
Jump Podcast Success
The Soul of Prosperity
Be the Love Podcast
Relatively Normal
Learning to Slay the Beasts Podcast
Speak Loud Podcast
Agile Self Development
She's Got Power
Between the Before and After
Fathers After 50
Empath and the Narcissist
Hardy Mom Podcast
She's Big Time
The Therapeutic Poet Podcast
Feel Good Nakd podcast⁣
The Thrive Podcast
Dear Midlife Podcast
Period to Pause
True Hope Canada
Persistance U
What it's Like to
Trauma Hiders Club
Brain Soul Success
The Megan Walrod Show
Resilience Mindset
Be a Better Being
Building a Life You Love
The Inspired Living Show
Thrive Podcast
The Bone Coach Podcast
The Portal with Terrie Huberman
Going North Podcast
Wealthy AF Podcast
The Flight Club
Inspire Your Essence
Supercharge Your Soul's Transformation
I Am Unbreakable
The Mindful Habit

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