About Post Betrayal Transformation® (PBT®)

Healing from betrayal is very different than healing from other types of life crises like the death of a loved one, a natural disaster, disease or a tragic accident. Those crises can involve an intense sense of loss, anguish, pain and grief, but there are additional challenges when it comes to healing from the betrayal of a family member, partner or friend.

The pain of Dr. Debi’s own experiences with betrayal led her to a PhD program in Transpersonal Psychology (the psychology of transformation and human potential) and to conduct a study on how we experience betrayal and the potential it can hold for change, growth and healing.

The study showed that healing from betrayal can lead to transformation. This type of healing is also very different than healing from other crises which led to a new term, Post Betrayal Transformation® and (PBT®). The study also found that while we’re all so different, we go through the same five stages from the moment we experience the shock of betrayal to the moment we feel healed. This led to the discovery of a new model: The Five Stages from Betrayal to Post Betrayal Transformation® (PBT®). Lastly, we’ve learned that there’s a collection of symptoms so common to betrayal, it’s known as Post Betrayal Syndrome…which can be healed with the right support and protocol.

Post Betrayal Transformation® (PBT®) is the culmination of extensive research on the topics of betrayal, transformation, growth and healing, coupled with what the study revealed and discovered.

About PBT® Institute

The PBT® Institute combines the findings of Debi’s PhD study on how we experience betrayal, along with 30 years of health, personal development, mindset and lifestyle coaching for a multi-pronged approach to fully heal from betrayal. Dr, Debi, along with her clients, experienced firsthand how certain processes led to healing from betrayal-physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. These processes are now available to anyone wishing to do the same.