Understanding and Overcoming Post Betrayal Syndrome™  


This episode focuses on Post Betrayal Syndrome™, a collection of physical, mental, and emotional symptoms commonly experienced after betrayal. We explore how unhealed betrayals can impact us long-term and the importance of healing to overcome these symptoms.

Key Discussion Points: 

Defining Post Betrayal Syndrome™: An explanation of Post Betrayal Syndrome™, highlighting its long-lasting effects even years after the betrayal. 
Some Symptoms of Post Betrayal Syndrome™: 
Physical Symptoms: Low energy, sleep issues, extreme fatigue, weight changes, and digestive issues. 
Mental Symptoms: Overwhelm, disbelief, inability to focus, shock, and concentration difficulties. 
Emotional Symptoms: Sadness, anger, hurt, anxiety, stress, inability to trust, and difficulty in forming new relationships. 
Healing Strategies: 
The necessity of addressing the root cause of the betrayal rather than just managing symptoms. 
Moving through The Five Stages from Betrayal to Breakthrough for complete healing. 
Impact of Betrayal on Life: 
Discussion on how betrayal affects personal power, hyper-vigilance, dealing with triggers, and the potential for PTSD-like symptoms. 
The influence of betrayal on professional and personal relationships. 
Tools and Resources: 
Mention of the Post Betrayal Syndrome™ quiz available at the PBT Institute website. 
Encouragement to take proactive steps towards healing and not just seeking validation. 

This episode emphasizes the significance of understanding and addressing Post Betrayal Syndrome™. It underscores the need for comprehensive healing to fully recover and thrive beyond the experience of betrayal. 

The PBT Institute 

The Post Betrayal Syndrome™ quiz

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