April 15

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Ask anyone you know and chances are, they’ve been betrayed by a family member, partner, coworker, boss, coach, they’re struggling with self-betrayal or maybe they feel betrayed by their community or more. So often we’re told to “get over it,” or “shrug it off” and if you notice, while well intentioned, that’s not how we heal. Getting “support” from people who don’t understand betrayal wastes time, money and drives us even further into a stuck, painful and negative place.

Betrayal is so painful and it needs the right protocol from people who understand exactly how betrayal impacts the body, mind and heart.

That’s why we have the PBT Coach and Practitioner Certification program.

Now is the time to start making an impact, and helping others move forward from an experience they thought they’d never recover from.

If you’re curious about becoming a PBT Certified Coach or Practitioner, I encourage you to register for my FREE Masterclass taking place on April 19 at 6pm EST.

We’ll be covering:
1. What it means to be a Certified PBT (Post Betrayal Transformation) Coach or Practitioner.
2. What it can do for you personally as well as for your business.
3. Why there has never been a better time to pursue certification.
4. What surprise bonus gifts are waiting for you when you join us!
(P.S. if you register for the Masterclass and sign up for certification, you qualify for discounts and bonuses!)
*To become a PBT Coach you must have a coaching background or be a wellness, health, mindset, or personal development healer of some kind. To become a PBT Practitioner you must be a Therapist, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Doctor or Counselor.

About the author 

Dr. Debi

A Trusted Resource in an Untrusting Niche

Dr. Debi Silber, founder of The PBT (Post Betrayal Transformation) Institute https://thepbtinstitute.com is an award-winning speaker, bestselling author, holistic psychologist, a health, mindset and personal development expert who’s created a proven multi-pronged approach to help people heal (physically, mentally and emotionally) from the trauma of betrayal.

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