December 14



Dr. Sam Shay has battled his own health and addiction journey and has come out the other side inspired to help others who struggle with the same issues. An expert on a hodgepodge of situations like childhood betrayal, video game, and sugar addictions, and overcoming high-stress environments, Dr. Sam Shay is here to help you get over your own betrayals too.

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Everything from moral injury to adrenal fatigue and being a child of divorce is on the table today. If you are looking to increase your resilience with functional medicine so you are not as vulnerable to vices, learn the skills of how to deal with and reverse the cycle, and understand improve your outlook, Dr. Sam Shay has the medicine you are looking for. Get ready for some much-needed inspiration and hope to overcome and heal from your pain and addiction.

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In This Episode

  • PTSD, moral injury and the connection to betrayal
  • How harm, exploitation, and humiliation can be being used against you
  • Why stalking your partner’s social media might be a form of hypervigilance
  • Finding gratification in addiction by shielding yourself from the war zone at home
  • How you can tame the BEAST of Addiction


“The topic of betrayal is actually a really close theme, not only in my life personally but also in my clinical life. And as you said, it’s also generational” (2:11)

“When someone is betrayed in that high stakes situation like a marriage, by the other person that has authority, then there is a loss of trust… And when you lose trust it’s not simply left with a vacuum” (6:37)

“Moral injury, instead of striking first, hiding or becoming a brilliant liar, is instead attaching oneself to a person or an organization for protection. So people who have experience moral injury like to leech themselves onto organizations or people.” (17:08)

“It sounds kind of petty, three decades later, but it hurts and we’re social creatures and if we feel marginalized socially, we are hardwired genetically as social creatures to feel like that is generally life-threatening.” (20:12)

“There’s more to dealing with betrayal than just looking at stressful thoughts. Because there is a definite impact on the physical body. That’s why I created the frameworks that I did, in order to help people whether they are dealing with something like that’s chronically unwell or they are dealing with an addiction.” (28:05)


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