Are you sick of living with symptoms like depression, fatigue, hormone imbalance, weight gain, and chronic pain, but don’t know how to fix the root cause? Like so many other women, Dr. Anna Cabeca was experiencing this and realized her ability to reset her own hormones and improve her mind and body, and has been passionate about sharing this knowledge with women ever since.

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When going through a betrayal, our entire bodies are impacted. While you may be living a happy life on the outside, hormones such as cortisol and progesterone are playing a large role in how your body is reacting to your stored trauma and memories. It is only by understanding the role our hormones play in our physical and mental health and finding a balance both internally and externally that your body can once again be at peace.

Dr. Anna is here to give some insight into the hormonal chaos a betrayal can cause, how you should be working to nourish your body to improve mental clarity, and finding natural ways to decrease cortisol and increase oxytocin. If you are looking for a sense of peace, wanting to connect with those around you, or hoping to create disciplines and practices that support you, Dr. Anna is here to help guide you. What is the first step you are taking towards making a change? Let us know in the comments!

In This Episode

  • Understanding the internal connection between physiology and behavior
  • Discover healthy seeking behaviors to increase your oxytocin naturally
  • How to prioritize and find joy in connection with others again
  • The three animals in the Andean philosophy associated with life’s journey
  • Why changing what time you eat dinner could improve your sleep and energy


“For too many of us and for too long, that hormone tends to run amuck and destroy many of our hormonal relationships” (1:44)

“How we deal with this transition time, the mental framework we put around it, that helps [your bodies physiology]” (6:25)

“It gives us information about how our emotions are affecting our physiology, how our nourishment could be affecting our physiology, and you know sometimes we think we are doing everything right but we aren’t seeing an improvement, and little itsy bitsy steps make it” (20:50)

“When we are going through a stressful state it is imperative that we really support our bodies natural hormone production in these ways” (21:51)

“No matter what you have been through or what you are feeling right now, never give up hope” (25:26)


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