There is a reason you are having physical, emotional or mental pain that you might not understand. Sarah Weiss has been trained by spiritual masters from many traditions and uses her skills and a medical intuitive to bridge the gap between symptoms and relief. After 45 years of committed learning about awakening high-frequency awareness, subtle energy perception, and self-empowerment, Sarah is empowering others to awaken their own healing capabilities through healing.

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Today we are diving right into how our bodies are connected to greater things happening around us, and why it might be playing a big role in your overall health. Sarah is sharing the power of the collective, how to use your body to take painful memories and turn it into positive energy, plus so much more.

The more we tune into our intuition and the subtle energy of our beings, the better we are able to connect to our inner truth compass and live in a safer state. Sarah is walking us through what it takes to connect back to your truth and work to clean out your system every day. A unique and interesting perspective, Sarah is sharing her wealth of knowledge with us on this episode. Does Sarah’s description of an Empath relate to you? Let us know in the comments below!

In This Episode

  • Why your body may be responding to threats that you forgot existed
  • Tuning into the flow of positive energy in your system
  • Taking on other peoples emotions as an Empath and how to protect yourself
  • Why some of us are more susceptible to other peoples energy than others
  • How betrayal can affect your mind, emotions and especially your body


“Betrayal is something that usually your body knows about, your intuition knows about it, long before your mind knows about it” (3:33)

“Tuning in to your body becoming more embodies actually helps you feel safer than if you dissociate” (13:07)

“I love to think of a loving Mother Earth taking in that energy through her heart and loving me back with beautiful energy” (25:10)

“Betrayal is in the water we drink in the air we breathe, and so a lot of it is not personal, it is ignorance. It’s real ignorance.” (31:40)


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