From Betrayal To Breakthrough 040: Cult Living and Escaping-Through the Lens of Betrayal w/ Moira Hutchison

040: Cult Living and Escaping-Through the Lens of Betrayal w/ Moira Hutchison

At 18 years old Moira Hutchison was recruited by a group of so-called spiritual healers to help her harness healing intuition, escape feelings of depression, and receive business training. What sounded like a great opportunity at first turned into the realization that she had been taken under the wing of a cult. After escaping from an extremely confusing place both mentally and emotionally, she has turned her experience into a mindfulness-based life coaching business to help people who are feeling stuck to be motived to change their lives.

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Moira shares her incredible journey from the beginning to the end of her two years with the cult, how it taught her to tap into her inner wisdom and trust herself, and why gossip was one of the instigating signs of evil. An advocate for reaching out to those you care about, being willing to forgive and seeing beyond the surface problems in life, Moira’s story is one of intrigue and inspiration.

A story that moves from Edinburgh to London and Los Angeles, Moira’s tale is unlike anything you have ever heard before and will motivate you to take control of your actions. A real-life example of following your gut, and one person’s ability to make a choice to do something different, this episode is filled with awareness, openness, and trust.

What surprised you most about the lessons Moira took away from her past experiences? Let us know in the comments below!

In This Episode

  • Reasons that lead to Moira joining a cult in the beginning
  • When Moira realized the actions around her were manipulative
  • What to be cautious of when joining a new group or community
  • The importance of trusting your inner guidance and wisdom
  • Tips you can implement today to learn how to receive your own inner voice


“I didn’t actually have anybody to talk this through with, so it leads to a lot of depression” (4:54)

“I kind of felt like there had to be more, there needed to be more for me to kind of regroup and come back to that sense of using my skill set” (5:32)

“I was thinking, ‘what happens if that ever happened to me?’, And that is where it really started to unravel in my mind.” (18:05)

“Each one of us knows the absolute truth. But sometimes it gets so screwed up, especially when we are talking about betrayal.” (22:15)

“It really leads to me developing my own intuitive skill, and to this day I rely on it completely” (25:05)


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