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After experiencing extreme life-threatening obstacles and abuse as a child, Dave Pelzer defied the odds to become a New York Times bestselling author and recipient of the National Jefferson Award. Dave’s book, A Child Called It, has brought a voice to the abused child he once was and provided inspiration to anyone searching for internal happiness.

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One of the most resilient people I know, Dave has lived a truly extraordinary life and has persevered against all odds to better himself and his surroundings through simplistic happiness. A story of strength, inspiration, and resiliency, Dave is here to share his tale of determination for survival and how to create wonderful opportunities for yourself despite any bleak circumstances.

The truth is, none of us know how many summers we have left, so the key is to make those moments count. Hurt people hurt other people, and when you can accept this and realize your own potential despite the situation, you can channel some of Dave’s courage and begin your own healing journey.

What did you find most inspiring about Dave’s story of resilience? Share with us in the comments below. 

In This Episode

  • Understanding the role abuse, foster care, and the US Air Force had on Dave
  • Practical solutions to simply be happy while working on yourself first
  • How to harness your internal strength despite a broken spirit
  • Why you should always speak with a purity of the heart to never go wrong
  • The importance of focusing on resilience and strength over an abuse 


“My story was never about abuse, but more so on resilience and surviving any way you can.” (3:52)

“There are all these little stones in your backpack. And it’s not like the one big thing, its always these small little ripples.” (11:39)

“You fail a thousand times, and then you get that one break that you really appreciate.” (20:24)

“You’ve got to keep the faith because you never know what the tide is going to bring in the next day. Or, in the course of a life, one never knows what events may transpire. And if you are going through a bad time right now, it’s only for the now.” (30:12)

“Life should be practical. Life should be like a golf lesson. Keep your butt up, chin down, and swing away.” (30:41)


A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer

Dave Pelzer Website

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