What is it that you believe about yourself and your life that’s holding you back? For example, a disempowering belief I once had was, “I never win anything!” I honestly have no idea where it came from, but time and time again, it would pop up. I’d say that I was lucky in life, but when it came to winning, well, it wasn’t something that ever happened to me. I began to change that mindset to “I’m luckier than I thought”, and wouldn’t you know, I started to win things- the paycheck pool at work, a raffle here and there. Things that wouldn’t have happened to me before. You are what you believe, and we have an entire Universe that not only responds accordingly, but also acts based on our beliefs.

Did you ever have a day when you woke up smiling? You went out smiling, and the world smiled back! Everything that happened that day was fun, positive, and exciting! The coffee spilling or forgetting your lunch at home was simply a chuckle and a shrug. Conversely, a day that you woke up upset and angry was filled with bad and annoying experiences. What made the difference?

Setting your intentions, whether purposefully or not, defines your reality. When you recognize that you have the power to co-create your existence, you begin to choose your thoughts very carefully. Your mindset generates the kind of day that you experience, as well as the life that you live. Events, such as life crises, happen to help us understand this concept in order to change our mindset and ultimately, our lives.  The reason people keep reliving the same reality is because they never change their belief system.

Take betrayal for example. According to my PhD study on how women experience betrayal-what holds them back and what helps them to heal- people who have been betrayed experience a shattering of their worldview. Over 75% of those betrayed find it hard to move forward. 80% of them are hesitant to trust again to the point where 64% even prevent themselves from forming deep relationships because they are fearful of being vulnerable and hurt. The good news is that 82% truly want to move forward but don’t know how. Better yet, the study’s findings allowed me to discover certain processes to take you from betrayal to transformation. Even more exciting is that now we know what happens at every stage of betrayal (physically, mentally and emotionally) and what it takes to move from one to the next.

Recreating your mindset, isn’t as hard as you think, and you don’t have to do it alone. Let me help you. As long as you have the willingness to move forward, there’s nothing you can’t do.

If you’ve been betrayed, take my quiz to see if are suffering from Post Betrayal Syndrome– it could be the first step to the most healed, healthy and whole version of you!

Dr. Debi

The Upside to Having Been Betrayed