Dr. Alexandra Stockwell is a physician turned relationship and intimacy expert who helps committed couples shift their mindset and find the emotional and sensual intimacy that they crave. After watching her nine-year-old daughter’s zest and vibrancy for life, Alexandra realized that she needed to find that spark within herself again if she wanted to foster a healthy and happy life for her children.

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Many people view a long term relationship as a place where passion goes to die, but when you are able to shift your mindset and find peace within yourself, you can bring pleasure and purpose to all aspects of your life. 

In this episode, Alexandra explains how children of divorce can often share similar looming thoughts and feelings, how you can be inspired by prioritizing yourself and your connection with your partner and explores the uncharted territory of life after betrayal to be truly honest with the reality of your relationship. 

If you want to find hope in intimacy after betrayal, re-establishing your connection as a couple or find the courage to address the real issues within yourself and your relationship, Alexandra is the expert for you. How do you address your own internal betrayals that may be sabotaging your happiness? Share with us in the comments below. 

In This Episode

  • Common symptoms, fears and looming thoughts found in many children of divorce 
  • How to prioritize connecting with your partner as two sensual adults
  • Addressing the lack of models and information when it comes to an ideal relationship
  • Tips for creating a healthy, honest and romantic relationship after betrayal 
  • The importance of figuring out how you have betrayed yourself first


“I knew that if she continued to grow up in my presence, living at home for another nine years, there was no way that she could sustain all of her radiance because there was a part of me that was uncomfortable and unsatisfied.” (7:21)

“Once we have a particular identity… it’s like it ends out vibrations and then things happen that reveal that to us.” (15:01)

“When you want to be great at innovation, there are all kinds of people you might learn from, Elon Musk or whatever. The same thing in sports, in music, but when it comes to relationships, there really is a lack of models worth emulating.” (20:25)

“I want to be able to give people a sense of where to move towards no matter where you are starting.” (30:42)


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