Team Assessment

Instructions: Answer the following questions based on your observations and experiences with your team. Choose the option that best reflects your team’s current situation.

1. Communication Patterns

     A) My team communicates openly and regularly.

     B) Communication is sporadic and often one-sided.

     C) Team members avoid difficult conversations or confrontations.

     D) I am not sure about the communication dynamics in my team.

2. Team Morale

     A) Team morale is consistently high.

     B) Morale fluctuates, but we manage to bounce back.

     C) There’s a noticeable decline in team morale.

     D) I am unsure about the current state of team morale.

3. Collaboration and Support

     A) Team members actively collaborate and support each other.

     B) Collaboration happens, but it’s not always effective.

     C) Team members prefer working independently and seldom help each other.

     D) I don’t have a clear insight into how team members collaborate.

4. Reaction to Challenges

     A) The team faces challenges head-on with a positive attitude.

     B) Challenges cause some tension, but we work through them.

     C) Challenges lead to blame games and a negative atmosphere.

     D) I am not sure how the team reacts to challenges.

5. Trust and Transparency

     A) There’s a high level of trust and transparency within the team.

     B) Trust is present but needs to be strengthened.

     C) There are significant trust issues and a lack of transparency.

     D) I am uncertain about the level of trust within the team.

6. Handling of Conflict 

     A) Conflicts are resolved constructively and respectfully.

     B) Conflicts are addressed, but not always effectively.

     C) Conflicts are avoided or lead to long-lasting issues.

     D) I am not aware of how conflicts are handled in the team.

7. Feedback and Growth 

     A) Feedback is constructive, and personal growth is encouraged.

     B) Feedback is given, but it’s not always constructive or helpful.

     C) Feedback is rare, negative, or ignored.

     D) I don’t know how feedback is handled in the team.

8. Work-Related Stress

     A) Stress levels are manageable and do not hinder performance.

     B) There’s occasional stress, but it’s mostly under control.

     C) High levels of stress are frequently evident.

     D) I am not sure about the team’s stress levels.


  • Mostly A’s: Your team appears to be healthy and functioning well.
  • Mostly B’s: Your team is coping, but there are areas that need attention.
  • Mostly C’s: There are significant issues in your team that need immediate intervention.
  • Mostly D’s: It’s crucial to gain better insight into your team’s dynamics.

To discuss these in detail and explore the best options for your unique team challenges, I invite you to schedule a call with me.