We have all been embarrassed or angry at one point or another and felt the physical sensation of our emotions rage through our bodies. But did you know that embracing these emotions for a mere 90 seconds could be the key to helping you make sense of your emotions to remove their power and start moving on? Dr. Joan Rosenberg is a cutting edge psychologist, TEDx speaker, member of the association of transformational leaders and much more, who has figured out the key to building confidence and emotional strength by embracing your unpleasant feelings.

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Throughout her research, Dr. Rosenberg discovered the core eight unpleasant feelings and created her Rosenburg Reset in order to help you move through your unpleasant feelings and learn how to apply those emotions to solve common psychological challenges like anxiety and fear. On this episode, Dr. Rosenburg shares how to gain your internal trust back after a betrayal, ways to identify your vulnerability and embrace it, and the importance of understanding your bodily reactions to memories and emotions to better resolve your feelings.

While you may not be able to make sense of why a betrayal happened in your life, you can make sense of the impact and the meaning those events have had on you, and learn to move forward in a healthier and happier way. If you can experience and move through the eight unpleasant feelings, you can form a foundation of confidence and liberate your world to experience life with a greater sense of feeling alive.

Dr. Rosenberg is a recognized thought leader and personal development leader who shares her practical tips and insight on ways to live a confident, resilient and authentic life that you truly love.

Are you ready to ditch your attitude that may be holding you back and start living through healing? Share your story with us in the comments below.

In This Episode

  • Why you should be changing the language you use around trust in your relationship
  • Using one choice, eight feelings and ninety seconds to move through unpleasant feelings
  • How to gain the trust and confidence in yourself to be open, vulnerable and emotional
  • Ways memory reactivates your biochemical sensations to make your feelings last longer
  • Tolerating physical feelings associated with emotions to let them pass and find healing


“Confidence is the deep sense that you can handle the emotional outcome of whatever you face or whatever you pursue.” (4:32)

“Here is the key to vulnerability, if you know that you can experience and move through the other seven feelings that I named, then you can handle vulnerability.” (14:52)

“When we allow ourselves to lean into and choose vulnerability, not only do we get more connected to ourselves, not only do we feel more liberated, not only do we feel more emotionally strong, we establish deeper connections with others as well.” (16:46)

“It is an experience of aliveness to experience both pleasant and unpleasant feelings.” (20:15)

“What we eventually come down to is realizing that we cannot undo what was done, and we cannot do what was undone.” (25:07)


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