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Mindy Gorman-Plutzer is a Functional Nutrition and Eating Psychology coach who has dedicated her life to discovering the right approach and the right tools for treating eating behaviors that range from simple to complex. She authored The Freedom Promise: 7 Steps to Stop Fearing What Food Will Do to You and Start Embracing What It Can Do for You, a book that strategically curates the steps you need to take to free yourself from addiction and compulsive eating disorders. 

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Far too often, eating disorders are misunderstood to be a short-term phase teenagers go through and grow out of. In truth, this psychological disorder comes from a deep-seated trauma that requires support and rehabilitation. It can stick with you for decades if you simply allow it to consume you. Mindy has dedicated her life to helping men and women rediscover a part of themselves that is willing to forgive a betrayal caused by others or by their own subconscious mind, leading them to a road of recovery and self-empowerment.

In this episode, Mindy talks about overcoming the fear that is stopping you from growing into the person you will be. 

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In This Episode

  • Discover how eating disorders become a projection of unresolved betrayal 
  • Understand how misinformation can lead to unhealthy resolutions 
  • Learn how sustainable recovery begins 
  • Unearth the power of self-empowerment  
  • Learn the biology and genetics of eating disorders


“The betrayal is about how we disavow ourselves from our universally given right to thrive, to be and feel nurtured and nourished.” (05:57)

“Disorder eating basically comes from misinformation.” (11:10)

“We feel betrayal when the expectations that we’re holding as a result of that attachment are not met.” (14:15)

“It starts off as a means of self-soothing, then at some point it becomes destructive where the intention is to soothe.” (14:27)

“It morphs and, truth be told, it’s easier to think about how much you weigh and what you’re going to eat than it is to think about the pain you’re in.” (20:04)

“The process is the desire. The desire has to be bigger than the fear—the fear of who I will be when I let go of this behavior” (21:34)


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