Vanessa Cardenas Betrayal Recovery Specialist, Certified PBT Coach, and Certified PBT Support Group Host

Training with Dr. Debi Silber and earning my certification as a PBT coach and support group host has been an enriching experience, building upon the solid foundation I developed during my own betrayal recovery. The in-depth knowledge and practical skills gained from the PBT program have enhanced my ability to support clients through their healing journeys. Hosting support groups has been particularly rewarding, as it provides a nurturing environment for individuals to connect, share, and grow. Seeing my clients reclaim their power and resilience reaffirms the impact of the PBT methodology. I am proud to be part of this healing community and to help others achieve lasting transformation.

Peggy Porter Registered nurse, Coach U graduate, Certified PBT Coach

The PBT Certification program was perfect for me. It allowed me to complete the training at my own pace and Debi was always available for support if needed. The PBT Certification gave me confidence to move forward in my coaching career as well as support many women who have experienced betrayal.

Elizabeth G. MS, MBA, Certified PBT Practitioner

“Debi’s program came to me in a moment when I needed it the most. When I watched her videos I felt like she was my best friend and mentor holding my hand through the process. I no longer felt alone and sad I instead felt a renewed sense of hope. I realized that so many people from all walks of life are suffering in silence with no one that they can go to that truly understands how to heal from Betrayal. Sure everyone has an opinion of what you should do but no one tells you how you could heal or rebuild if you choose to. Immediately I searched to see if she had a Certification and she did, I couldn’t believe it and signed up on the spot. This is probably one of the best decisions I will ever make in my life. If you are on the fence trust that the Universe has guided you to Debi for a reason. If you can’t trust in anything else believe in her work because it really works.”

Ksenja Jeram

My journey towards certification began with entering the Betrayal to Breakthrough Home Study program. I wanted to answer my questions about the consequences of my own betrayal and wanted to understand why things like betrayal happen and how to help myself.

During the certification process I not only grew to understand the reasons for my experience and got tools to help myself, but also made my lifestyle healthier and started to take risks again. Afterwards I took the opportunity to take the certification program where I, with a help of emotional distance, started to see my own process even more clearly. This certification for me represents my own personal win and a step towards helping others the way I was helped. I'm grateful for that.

Monica Gomiz Certified Health, Life and PBT Coach

I love the program and the way Debi presents it. This is a delicate topic and it involves so many negative feelings. I admire Debi Silber’s tone of voice and posture, it is so peaceful and free of blame, bitterness and/or drama. I would describe this training and enlightening and absolutely transformational! Thank you so much for all you have done for yourself and the world Debi!

Bonnie M

Debi’s teaching was thorough with excellent examples and handouts. I feel confident in moving forward to help others experience post-betrayal healing and transformation.

Elaine Noland-Sepko licensed clinical professional counselor, MC, Certified PBT Practitioner

I am a new me, because of this experience. I can now show up for my clients, as my ultimate self, who is always evolving and growing. I couldn’t do that before, because I was STUCK. I was afraid to go outside my comfort zone, what I thought was a safe place. Only to realize, it really wasn’t that safe, and when I realized that, I was able to move forward. Truly believing in something, because of your own experience, you have felt it, you have DONE IT and then sharing it with others, has more impact than believing it ‘can work’ or ‘be done’ because science says they proved it could. I honestly didn’t BELIEVE that I would ever be happy, or be able to live my life ON MY OWN, without feeling I needed someone else. Thank you for this opportunity, it has challenged me in ways I needed to become a woman I am proud of.

Michelle Nagel Certified Success Principles Canfield Methodology Trainer, a HeartMathTM Certified Trainer, PBT Coach

I found Dr Silber’s work after a year of simply surviving in shock. I was at my lowest point, frustrated, because I am a coach/mentor, and helping people recover from trauma is what I do for a living. So why couldn’t I do this by myself? Through Dr Silber’s work, I discovered that Betrayal Trauma is very different from any other kind of trauma, and you really do need a special kind of help to come out stronger on the other side. I didn’t just want to come out stronger, though, I wanted to transform - so I worked through the course, and then chose to become a Certified Post-Betrayal Transformation Coach because it is the perfect set of skills to be even more effective in helping clients. I received personal support from Dr Debi and her team throughout the certification process. They answered my questions, made suggestions, and it felt really good to build that trust and be supported by someone who truly knows what betrayal does to the mind and body. And support does not cease after completion of the certification. I highly recommend becoming a Certified Post-Betrayal Transformation Coach.

Mindy Gorman-Plutzer FNLP, CEPC, CHC

Enrolling in and completing Dr. Debi’s PBT Certification Course has been a remarkable experience for me, personally and professionally.
Her insight, wisdom and guidance has allowed for an even deeper dive into my own healing journey while giving a stronger voice to the coaching I offer the clients I’m blessed to serve.
With this training and Debi’s mentoring I can only imagine how powerful my sessions will be going forward. I am additionally so very grateful to have the opportunity to support the community that PBT serves.

Trina Summers Certified PBT Coach

I found the PBT Community just when I needed it most. I knew from the instant that I heard there was a coaching certification program that I would take it. I always wanted to coach, and sadly, this is an area where I have a lot of experience. With this certification, I can help others while staying immersed in the work.

Chelsea Crosby Trauma Recovery Coach, Certified PBT Coach

As a trauma recovery coach, working solely with women healing from betrayal I wanted a proven system that would lead to transformation. I was so happy to find PBT. The lessons were straightforward and easy to implement. I have been able to use them not only to lead my clients through transformation, but my own as well. So thankful Debi used her pain for such an impactful purpose!

Jay Certified PBT Practitioner

“The world of coaching is often filled with constant twists, turns, difficulties and unexpected challenges. Because of these challenges and demands getting the proper certification is crucial. Certification through the PBT institute will give you the confidence needed to be able to navigate this absolutely amazing, but often challenging, work.”

Lynne Ryan, FDNP Certified PBT Coach, Reclaim Functional Health

When I first began learning about Post Betrayal transformation, I was intrigued at how this may have been affecting my health coaching clients who seemed stuck and unable to move forward. After understanding and personally working through the PBT’s Betrayal to Breakthrough process, I knew that this was the missing piece and began studying to become a Certified PBT Coach. Working step by step through this process not only revealed such incredible insight and awareness into my own personal journey and continual evolution, but has been an incredible asset for my coaching clients. I’m so grateful for the work that Dr. Debi Silber has done and the opportunity to serve and support this beautiful community.

Elizabeth Kipp Addiction/Recovery Coach, Pain Management, Certified PBT Coach

This is a thorough and well thought out training for Coaches/Practitioners. There is a well-defined map to follow and effective worksheets to use with clients. I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to take this training and look forward to using this knowledge for my clients.