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Now let's get personal...

I was deeply ashamed and embarrassed of my betrayal. I felt like anyone I told would think there must be something wrong with me to “cause” it or that somehow, I must be lacking or less than in some way. So I kept it to myself. In the beginning, all I did was take care of my kids, my clients, my dogs, then I’d crash. Kids, clients, dogs, crash. Kids, clients, dogs, crash. On and on it went until one day, I blacked out and landed in the emergency room.

I remember being hooked up to all of these wires. A flood of red hot anger rushed through me as I realized: “WTH am I doing here! If I don’t get my head together, this $%#! is going to kill me!”

By this point, I’d started my PhD study on betrayal. I dove in deeper. I did everything any of my study participants said helped them and I tried it. I stopped doing anything the research proved didn’t work.

It was working.

Soon after that, the most exciting of the 3 discoveries emerged...The 5 Stages from Betrayal to Breakthrough. I learned that if we’re going to fully heal, we’re going to move through 5 Stages and I was seeing that certain things happen at each of the Stages and we saw what moved someone from one Stage to the next.

What emerged right before my eyes was an actual roadmap to move through ALL of it!

I tried it. It was working and I moved through the Stages. I started sharing my story privately with clients and they were shocked at the changes they saw in me from week to week when they were so painfully sick and stuck. I wasn’t any different than them, I was just following the research to move through the Stages. I didn’t know it, but in addition to my study participants, I was unknowingly acting as my own case study.

I was so excited, I put the 5 Stages into our signature Betrayal to Breakthrough program and I started sharing it.

Everyone wanted access to the 5 Stages from Betrayal to Breakthrough.

I couldn't get it out to those who needed it quickly enough so I created our PBT Certification program so coaches, healers, doctors, therapists, etc. can learn about the 5 Stages. It took off and experts were having deeper transformations with their clients and patients. Then, I realized the RIGHT type of support made all the difference and the wrong type of support does more harm than good.

Then, it happened. 

A moment I’ll never forget like a frying pan to the head…”I did the research, I know what works. What if I put everything that works all under one roof so that anyone who’s been betrayed has EVERYTHING they need to heal physically, mentally and emotionally from betrayal and the shattering of trust all in one place?”

The PBT (Post Betrayal Transformation) Institute was born. 

Within The PBT Institute Membership Community, you get all elements of our proven plan for healing and transforming: a community of uplifting and supportive people who understand what you’re going through; a team of mentors (who have been through betrayal too) who offer daily classes, coaching sessions and more; 24/7 access to my research-based, proven step-by-step process to move forward from betrayal to breakthrough so you heal physically, mentally and emotionally. Depending on your level of membership you also get either 1:1 support from me directly or in Q&As along with additional support from special experts who host masterclasses for our community. We even have an award winning charity program. 

It's an amazing space to heal.

Official Bio
Dr. Debi Silber
A Trusted Resource in an Untrusting Niche

Dr. Debi Silber, Ph.D. is the founder of The PBT® (Post-Betrayal Transformation®) Institute as well as National Forgiveness Day (celebrated yearly on September 1st). She runs a WBENC-Certified WBE (Women’s Business Enterprise) company, is a holistic psychologist, a health, mindset, and personal development expert, an award winning speaker, the author of Trust Again, The Rebuild Roadmap, and a 2-time #1 International bestselling author of The Unshakable Woman AND From Hardened to Healed.

Her podcast: From Betrayal to Breakthrough is also globally ranked within the top 1.5% of podcasts.

She’s also a Certified Personal Trainer, holistic Registered Dietitian with a Master’s in Nutrition earning specialty recognition in weight loss/weight maintenance, a Whole Health Coach, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Certified in NES (BioEnergetics) Health, Emotion Code, Whole Person Integration Technique, is a Quantum Human Design Specialist, Quantum Alignment System Specialist, and is a Trauma Sensitive HeartMath Certified Practitioner.

Her Ph.D. study on how we experience betrayal made 3 groundbreaking discoveries that change how long it takes to heal. In addition to being on FOX, CBS, The Dr. Oz Show, TEDx (twice), and more, she’s an award-winning speaker and coach dedicated to helping people move past their betrayals as well as any other blocks preventing them from the health, work, relationships, confidence, and happiness they want most.