Trust Again

Overcome Betrayal and Regain Health, Confidence and Happiness

Five Proven Stages: Learn about and move through the proven five stages from betrayal to breakthrough

Predictable Healing: Learn how predictable healing can be when you use the 4 step trust rebuilding process

You couldn’t brace yourself because you never saw it coming. Your sense of safety and security is shattered in an instant, and the shock is imprinted on your body and mind. Your heart breaks, you feel like you got sucker punched, and the pain is so raw, consuming, and overwhelming you can barely breathe. Someone close to you, possibly a family member, partner, or friend, just pulled the rug out from underneath you—lies you so easily believed and actions you dismissed because it never crossed your mind that the one you trusted the most could ever hurt you. You thought this person had your back. You thought the two of you were honoring the same rules, sharing the same moral code, and respecting the same beliefs. This was a person you loved, trusted, and believed.

This is what it feels like to be blindsided by betrayal.

During times of betrayal, when we most need support, sometimes the ones we would turn to first are the betrayers. Other times, we’re saddled with shame and fear. But it’s during these times when we need to turn for help and learn to trust again. This work offers support, comfort, and community to those struggling with feelings associated with betrayal and guides them to healing so they can love again, feel safe again…trust again.

“After an experience with betrayal, it can be especially challenging to get unstuck and have the motivation we need to rebuild our hearts and our lives. Debi’s research-based protocol, combined with her own story and those she’s helped, teaches us how to trust again.”

~Mary Morrissey, International speaker and best-selling author

“While we may choose to be more guarded and protective in response to broken trust, it disconnects us from our source, ourselves and others. Debi shows us how to trust again so we can reconnect and become who we’re fully meant to be.” 

~Dr. Sue Morter, Author of The Energy Codes


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