A Message from Dr. Debi

Here are a few recommendations so you can get started on your healing right away: 

Membership:  Although there are two levels of Membership, our Rise level would be the right fit based on your Post Betrayal Syndrome score. The Rise level is a great place to begin your healing journey. In Rise, you have access to our signature programs, supportive community, along with private sessions with any of our PBT Certified coaches/practitioners each month, live, daily classes with our Certified Coaches/Practitioners, Q&A with me (Dr. Debi), masterclasses with experts and so much more.
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Listen to my From Betrayal to Breakthrough Podcast: each episode is full of inspiring and transformational stories; mindfulness strategies for overcoming subconscious blocks and helpful tools to navigate daily stressors:
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Read my book: Trust Again: Overcoming Betrayal and Regaining Health, Confidence and Happiness: in my book I walk you through the proven research-based 5 stages from betrayal to breakthrough with experiential exercises as well as the 4-step trust rebuilding process. You’ll also read my vulnerable story as well as the stories from people who participated in my study. This isn’t the kind of book you just read… it’s the kind of book you DO. I wrote this book because at a time we need support the most, we’re the least likely to seek it. So from the privacy of your own home you can start to get the support you need to go from simply surviving to thriving.
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