A Message from Dr. Debi

Here our recommendation so you can get started on your healing right away: 

Sign up for our Reclaim Program:  Join Reclaim to gain access to all the tools you need to heal from your betrayal. Learn from those who’ve been there, who get it and who are dedicated to helping you heal from your betrayal. In this program you'll have access to:

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"When I started working with PBT a few months ago, I was a hot mess. I didn’t trust anyone...especially myself. Fortunately, I chose to invest in myself and over these past months, have done all the work to transform myself into a happy, thriving, confident woman who could not be more grateful and excited about the rest of her life. Thank you, PBT!"


"I don't know if I've ever been this happy before. I'm so grateful for PBT-so blessed. I KNOW I'll get there and that it's just a work in progress! Thank you so much again for PBT!!! When you said nothing else like this exists, you were so right because I've been to 8 therapists in the last 2.5 years, tried EMDR, and nothing has worked until NOW. You're seriously such an angel!"