Heal yourself, and help to heal the person whose heart you broke.

If you're ready, we got you and we know exactly how to help.
Not everyone is ready or willing to take responsibility for hurting someone.

You are and that's a powerful step in the right direction. 

It's also what's needed if you're going to truly change and help the person or people you've hurt.

I will always be grateful...


"Thank you. I will always be grateful for finding this community. It is a support system that many need but unfortunately may not always find. There is simply no way my wife or I would be where we are individually or as a couple if it were not for the PBT® Community."

We're not judging you, just the truth first so we can help you...

Your actions, whether it was because of some trauma that you had, or for another reason, doesn't excuse the behavior. Maybe there was scarcity, there was lack, and you thought the best thing you could do to numb, avoid and distract from it was to betray.

Maybe you just had a sense of entitlement. And you thought, Well, why not? I deserve to. The truth is it doesn't even matter.

What’s important is that you understand what those actions caused.

  • They caused a broken heart in the person that loved you, that trusted you, that believed in you.
  • You may be filled with so much shame and you don't even know how to move through this. 

You don't know what to do... so maybe you do nothing.

Your shame is actually causing a tremendous amount of harm for you. 

What’s important to know is this…

  • That person you betrayed, their heart is broken. It's shattered in a million pieces. 
  • They're doing all they can to either avoid and distract from that pain, or they’re trying to heal it.

And you have a very, very important role and opportunity right here. And that role is do something good with something painful. Heal yourself, and help to heal that person whose heart you broke.

A life-changing effect on me...


“I want to say that this program that you have built is really well constructed. I appreciate your patience and your positivity!! In the last 3 years, I have been heavily involved in helping myself in different coaching programs. While I’m grateful to those programs I feel like your program took everything I learned and helped me to tie up many of the loose ends that I needed. Your program helped me with some very very deep and painful things in my life from the abuse I faced as a child to me betraying my wife of 23 years. I could go on and on about your program. I must say I’m grateful for you and your support team. I can honestly say that putting in the work every day for the last 6 months has had a life-changing effect on me. Thank you! Thank You!!”

The Rebuild Program

Join the 90-Day Rebuild Program to gain access to all the tools you need to transform your wounds into wisdom. Learn from those who’ve been there, who get it and who are dedicated to helping you turn your life around and stop hurting the ones you love.

In this 90-day program, I’ve brought together the key components required to rebuild yourself from the ground up:

Private One-on-One Coaching                           

Monthly private one-on-one sessions with any of our Certified PBT Coaches and Practitioners so you can overcome obstacles unique to your specific situation. Our Coaches and Practitioners specialize in a variety of topics and modalities so you can find your best fit.

Live Q&As With Dr. Debi                                       

Benefit from Dr. Debi’s 30 years of experience during these rich and dynamic Q&A Calls. She’ll give you the do’s and don’ts playbook around what to say and do to help your partner heal. You’ll have access to the LIVE calls (where you can ask your own questions) or listen to the recordings anytime. 

Foundational Signature PBT® Program

Part of avoiding betrayal is knowing what betrayal looks like. Betrayal to Breakthrough provides you with a solid understanding of what happens when a betrayal takes place and all that it takes to heal from a betrayal. Understand the damage done by betrayals so you can put an end to them, once and for all.


Activities to help you and your partner heal                           

Rebuild Roadmap Workbook - A workbook with weekly experiential activities and exercises specifically created for the betrayer

Consider this your roadmap to healing. Within this workbook, you’ll find tips, tools and activities from each of our Certified PBT (Post Betrayal Transformation) Coaches andPractitioners. 


Exclusive Private Community

Access to a community of people going through situations similar to yours 24/7 where you can ask questions, get input, share celebrations and so much more.

Connect with a like-minded community all dedicated to supporting, uplifting and inspiring each other.


Classes with Certified PBT® Coaches

Gain insight, clarity and understanding of your unique situation through daily classes in areas such as: Trauma, Narcissism, Self-Betrayal, Sex & Porn Addiction, Reconciliation, Chronic Pain Management, Health & Fitness Training, IntraPersonal Relationships, Drug & Alcohol Addictions and so many more.

Not sure if Rebuild is right for you? Sign up for our FREE Rebuild Workshop here to get a peek into the program and learn more about rebuilding after you've betrayed someone.

Debi, when I walked into your office less than 7 months ago, I had real doubts. You had none.


"Thanks to my wonderful, very, very special coach, who has been a lifesaver. Literally. Debi, when I walked into your office less than 7 months ago, I had real doubts. You had none. What matters is the path we choose each day. You were tough on me but always kind. You have a real talent Debi and I am fortunate to have worked with you."


I’m the Founder of the Post Betrayal Transformation® Institute. Over the last 30 years I’ve supported thousands of people turn their life around physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

In everything I’ve seen and in all the people I’ve worked with, I’ve come to believe that betrayal is one of the most painful experiences we can ever have. How do I know? I’ve been there.

It was my own betrayals, first from my family and then from my husband, that shattered my heart, trust and life as I’d known it.

It didn’t make any sense. These were the people I loved and trusted. How could they hurt me like that? If I couldn’t count on or feel safe with the people I trusted the most, who could I trust? How would I navigate through this crisis while running my business, being there for my 4 kids, clients and 6 dogs, too? How could I make sense out of this and how would I ever be able to heal my mind, body and heart?

My desperation to understand betrayal led me to get a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology (the psychology of transformation and human potential). While there I did a groundbreaking study that led to the creation of a research-based, proven and predictable way to fully heal from betrayal. The PBT (Post Betrayal Transformation®) Institute was born.

There are two sides to betrayal & two types of betrayers - a betrayer who’s remorseful and there’s the potential to rebuild what they've broken, and the betrayer who doesn’t take responsibility & has no hope to rebuild. In studying betrayal at the PhD level, I’ve learned a lot to be able to teach in a multi-pronged full sided approach. At PBT we're working with those that have been betrayed to heal from it and those that have betrayed to change their ways for themselves and their relationships.

Whether you're looking to reconcile your relationship after betrayal or just looking to change your ways for the sake of future relationships, this program is for you.

Gather a greater sense of empathy so you can help your partner heal (or understand going forward)

Heal your past so you don’t need to act out

Learn healthy ways to express yourself and meet your needs

Heal the shame, regret, and remorse while becoming confident, healthy and strong

"Debi has guided me towards believing in myself again and with her support she has motivated me to resolve inner conflict so that I can find happiness and clarity. Debi’s kind nature and upbeat personality allow me to feel comfortable and trusting that she will help me become the person that I want to be and to live the life I desire."


"WOW, this is so powerful and the most comprehensive explanation of the transformation process I've heard at age 78. It looks like a lot of work but I'm excited and hopeful after many programs, years of therapy and even working as a psychotherapist to gain freedom to embrace and hold onto ME. Thank you for doing your work and going on to inspire others. You are deeply appreciated."


"Thank you Deb. I appreciate you and what you have helped me overcome more than you’ll ever know. You have given me the tools and it’s up to me to follow through with what I have learned. I know in my heart that I can do this, but my head every now and then gets in the way. It’s comforting to know when that happens I can count on you to get me focused and back on track. Thank you Debi… for teaching me how to love me.


A Personal Note From Dr. Debi

You can’t change what's been done and you can’t undo it.

But you can control what you do with it.

You can change. You can take your power back. You can to live, feel and look better.

Your betrayal(s) don’t have to define you anymore. You’re meant for so much more.

With the support of PBT® you’re able to create a stronger, wiser version of you that is no longer defined by your past choices.

Whether you’ve been numbing yourself, attempting to outrun the betrayal for decades, have resigned yourself to thinking this is just who you are, or you know change is possible but don't known how to get there on your own…

I’m here to tell you SO MUCH MORE is available to you. You do not have to stay in struggle or this endless cycle of poor choices that are hurting the ones you love.

Let’s turn your life around!

To your transformation,
Dr. Debi

"Thank you so much for making such an impact on my life is such a short amount of time. For the first time in as long as I can remember, I feel like I am starting to see a way out of the deep hole that I have fallen into for the last several decades of my life. I have felt as if I can finally see a glimpse of sky from that deep hole.”


"In 40 years of personal development work, including reading, studying and going to seminars with some of the most well-known leaders in the field, I’ve rarely come across one that produced lasting results. In fact, it’s unusual (in my experience) to find a “guru” that accomplishes much at all, other than getting my money into their pocket. Debi Silber is that rare individual.”


"Every once in a while I have the opportunity to meet someone who is a true “Master” of her vocation. Debi’s passion for excellence in making a sustained positive difference in her clients and in her community speaks volumes about her talent and spiritual growth.”



When does the program start?

As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive your welcome email with everything you need to get started.

How much is it?

The 3-month Rebuild program is a one-time fee of $997.

How much support will I get?

In the Rebuild Program, you'll get both individual and group support. Each month during the 3-month duration of the program, you'll receive (2) 1:1 private coaching sessions with any of our PBT Coaches and Practitioners and (1) live group Q&A with Dr. Debi (you'll also have access to the Q&A replays!)

Will I get 1:1 time with Dr. Debi?

In the Rebuild program, you have access to Dr. Debi through the live monthly Q&As. However, this is a group call. What's great about group calls is that one members question could spark a thought for you or could be something you never would have thought to ask or consider on your own!

Celebrity Endorsements

Jack Canfield
Co-Author of the Bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul Series and The Success

"Debi Silber has the ability to blend knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and compassion to help people create the body, lifestyle and life they crave."

Dr. Joe Vitale
International Best-Selling Author of Zero Limits and The Miracle

"Betrayal is intensely painful but Debi reveals the pain remedy you need to heal, regroup, and move forward with strength and love.

Wm Paul Young

Author of the book and movie, The Shack

"You are in good hands.

Dr. Sue Morter

Author of The Energy Codes

“While we may choose to be more guarded and protective in response to broken trust, it disconnects us from our source, ourselves, and others. Debi shows us how to trust again so we can reconnect and become who we’re fully meant to be.”

Mary Morrissey

Mary Morrissey

International speaker and Bestselling Author

“After an experience with betrayal, it can be especially challenging to get unstuck and have the motivation we need to rebuild our health and our lives. Debi’s research-based protocol, combined with her own story and those she’s helped, teaches us how to trust again.”

Marci Shimoff
#1 New York Times best-selling author of Happy for No Reason and featured
teacher in The Secret

“Debi Silber offers a clear and effective approach to moving forward after an experience with betrayal.”

Dr. Marilyn Schlitz

PhD chair, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Sofia University

“Debi Silber has given us a step-by-step approach in order to use the painful experience of betrayal as a launchpad for transformation.”

Brian Tracy

Author of 55 books in 38 languages

"Debi shows you how to develop a lifestyle full of health, energy and vitality that you may have never experienced before!"

Marshall Goldsmith

New York Times and million-copy bestselling author of MOJO and What Got You Here Won't Get You There

"Debi Silber has created a simple system to improve your body, mind, image and lifestyle. More companies and individuals need to 'get their mojo back' and Debi can help!"

James Malinchak

Featured on the ABC TV Show, “Secret Millionaire”, Coauthor of the Top-Selling Chicken Soup for the College Soul

"If you want to have a balanced, successful life professionally or personally you’ve got to work with my friend Debi and here’s why. She gives you how to balance everything, She teaches you how to have a healthy body, healthy mind, healthy image and healthy lifestyle. Call Debi today, coach with her, listen to her, let her show you how to improve your personal and professional life!"