So often we forget to prioritize our own self-love and self-care after a betrayal, but these practices can hold the key to discovering who you are, how to come back to yourself and ways to stop putting other people ahead of you. Self-care is not selfish, it is self-preservation, and with the expert advice of our next guests, you can implement these self-love routines despite your busy schedule and start reaping the rewards.

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Tammy Lawman and Brooke Emery are the co-creators of the Self-Love and Self-Care Symposium, a space dedicated to teaching you how to love yourself more fully, appreciate your unique gifts and take better care of yourself so that you can shine more brightly in the world. Tammy, a business strategist, and marketing expert, and Brooke, a connector and creative business strategist, work together to bring big vision to their clients and provide the fuel necessary to inspire, motivate and transform.

These two self-care experts are here today to give you simple strategies to start giving yourself a little bit more love. By allowing yourself the right to say no, connecting to your forgotten child and putting yourself on your own to-do list, you can start to shine your light brighter in the world. Are you ready to embrace Tammy and Brooke’s simple, easy and free steps so that you can figure out what you want out of your life and go after it?

Share your self-love and self-care habits and wishes with us in the comments below.

In This Episode

  • Why saying no and setting boundaries can be a powerful act of self-love
  • Ways to prioritize self-care and cultivate self-love within your busy schedule
  • Short and brief rituals that can help you get your day back on track
  • The importance of starting your day with an uplifting gratitude routine
  • How to check in with your inner child and have more fun along the journey


“When you are saying no to something else, you are saying yes to yourself.” (6:45)

“For me, to be able to share authentically and connect deeply with another person is the greatest act of self-love.” (11:25)

“Just try it on like an experiment. Just because that works for me, it doesn’t mean it is going to work for that person. But just trying to, maybe drive down a different road, you know? Just experiment with how the morning routine goes, because I really feel that the morning is how things set up.” (22:38)

“We’re sharing all kinds of tips and methodologies, all to help you get back to a place of fully loving yourself more and really learning how to take care of yourself, how to tap into your intuition and how to feel good in your body.” (25:24)

“We believe that when you love yourself you can go out in the world and you can fully love with your whole heart and really share your unique abilities and talents with the world.” (28:55)


Self-Care and Self-Love Symposium 

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