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Born into the foster care system, living in 8 homes by the age of 2 years old, and homeless on and off for six years from 12-18 years old, Tanya-Marie Dubé is a show host, a motivational speaker, published author and online educator. She has a powerful paid membership for women entrepreneurs called Soulful Entrepreneur Membership teaching women entrepreneurs how to master their influence in their businesses through developing their spirituality and connection to source so that they can have lasting, massive impact in their lives and businesses. She is trained as a Results Coach with Tony Robbins, is certified as an Advanced Belief Clearing Practitioner and is finishing her masters in Metaphysical Sciences. She has been coaching for 28 years with an educational background in psychology. Contact her at info@tanyadube.com and at her website, sheispowerful.global.








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In This Episode




  • How is spirituality helpful in your journey to self-healing?
  • What is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)?
  • Learn the value of gratitude, forgiveness, and faith 








“Isn’t the way to really learn something is by teaching it?” [06:23]




“This is the way your life is. You have two choices, you can either understand it and use it and grow from it or you can be slammed by it.” [07:20]




“The only way we can grow is if we go through something.” [13:50]




“When I would wake up in the morning, my very first thought was: Okay, I get to do this again. I was so grateful to open my eyes and get to do it. So that’s something I carried through into my life now. That level of gratitude really puts a microscope (??) on what’s good and what’s positive.” [16:05]




“When something feels heavy and it feels like it’s starting to implode I have to take a look and see what it is I’m trying to control.” [18:05]




“As a soul in this human body going through this very human experience you have to remember that your calling in experience is based on where your perspective lies.” [29:08]








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