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Teri Cochrane is an internationally known integrative practitioner and thought leader in personalized health care and longevity. She was a risk manager by trade, and soon became a risk manager for her children’s health. She’s developed her own methodology, “The Cochrane Method”, which integrates a multi-level nutritional approach including biochemistry, nutrition, genetic tendencies, or biology, and counseling to develop personalized plans for her clients.

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Teri’s children are her greatest teachers. Their health conditions led her to seek solutions to their health crises. They both recovered from life-threatening illnesses when she discerned the root cause of their imbalances, changing the way they ate to support their unique genetic blueprint.

Today, her son is a happy and healthy 23-year-old young man who no longer suffers from asthma, eczema, or failure to thrive. He is a Junior Olympic Karate gold medalist, a talented musician, and a singer, and went to a top university on a full academic scholarship. While her daughter is now thriving at a top university, excelling in music, dance, and international policy.

In This Episode

  • Learn “The Cochrane Method”
  • Know more about how Teri overcame her children’s health challenges
  • How people become empowered and informed through education
  • The benefits of 45-day reboot to eating to your genetic blueprint


“Our body is giving us a really deep and true signal – do something else, look at it differently.” [6:05]

“Our food supply has betrayed us because of the way that we have treated the food.” [19:36]

“I’m going to always have that as an opinion. And it’s part of my kind of being my cup, my constellation of all sorts of information by which I will make an informed decision.” [25:19]

“The first thing is to start reading your food labels. I say if you can’t read it, don’t eat it.” [25:52]

“I really think that information is power and I also say that fear paralyzes the truth.” [27:03]

“Let’s get informed. Let’s start doing our research. Let’s not be swayed by fancy marketing or a fear-mongering and there is hope, there’s hope.” [28:53]


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