Can you relate? Come, Join Us!

Come Join Us Transcript 

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“Your session about betrayal spoke to the deepest parts of me. For three years, I’ve struggled with a friend betrayal – I don’t want to spend another year ruminating on this betrayal because it is gradually ruining my identify, my life, my relationships, and the good things I still have. I can personally speak to the symptoms – the “foggy” brain, weight gain, bad skin, digestive issues, shattered worldview, irritability, achy body, extreme emotions, and “stuck” feeling – I look in the mirror and don’t recognize who is looking back at me. Your session was eye-opening and articulated everything I have been feeling in my mind, body, and soul for the past few years. NO ONE has ever articulated betrayal the way you have! I am so happy to have found your video and hopeful that your program will help to improve my quality of life!“

Ellen New York