Renee Richetto-Grul was betrayed by her entire community because they didn’t believe what she knew to be true. After years of sickness, recreating her life and discovering medical cannabis, Renee is finally understanding her body and creating the life she deserves. Now a holistic cannabis practitioner and functional medicine health coach, Renee is sharing her story about how alternative treatments lead to betrayal, and also saved her life.

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If you have ever been curious about how medical cannabis works or are ready for an inspiring story about turning your life around when everyone has betrayed you, this episode is for you. Renee is getting real about what it is like to be left totally alone, being truly ready to forgive, and changing your life for the better.

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In This Episode

  • How baking soda and apple cider vinegar helped Renee understand cancer
  • Becoming ready to forgive by setting boundaries
  • Why energy drinks may be slowly killing your adrenals
  • The benefits of medical cannabis and their ability to help heal
  • Understanding and being open to alternative methods of healing


“I was elated to have to potentially have an answer as to why I was so sick. And I contacted my family and I was told, ‘Renne that’s not what’s wrong with you’” (13:02)

“One of the most difficult things for me is if somebody doesn’t believe me. I almost take extra efforts to ensure a person and I are on the same page” (18:51)

“People when they say ‘you are here for a reason, you are here for a reason’ and that’s very true. My faith really got me through this” (20:17)

“Without a doubt, our bodies were created by our heavenly father for the use of medical cannabis” (26:24)



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