Zoe Niklas grew up enduring domestic violence, physical violence, emotional abuse, substance abuse, and sexual abuse. After multiple betrayals and traumatizing incidents involving both her mother and many stepfathers, Zoe harnessed her inner power and was able to break free at age 13. It wasn’t until she was finally taken in by a new family that she was able to embrace the healing power of love and create the life she knew she deserved.

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Author of the book Driving In The Dark: A Childhood Memoir, Zoe is the true epitome of taking trauma and turning it into a life of purpose. Today Zoe is here to share her encouraging, insightful and uplifting perspective with you so that you can understand that even your darkest days can be healed through the strength of true love.

Throughout her journey, Zoe has used the power of the written word and theater to regain her memory, health, and happiness. From driving her mother’s car at 11 years old after she had experienced a seizure while running away to commit suicide, to finding hope and healing in the vision of life that she knew she was destined to live, Zoe’s incredible story is one of trial and triumph.

You can make it through the pain you are experiencing. By taking action and taking control of the course of your life, Zoe is here to provide you with inspiration to get you the help that you need and stop your suffering. How does Zoe’s story inspire you to take your biggest crisis and turn it into your greatest gift? Share how you related to Zoe with us in the comments below.

In This Episode:

  • Learn how Zoe made sense of a childhood filled with broken expectations
  • Four steps to help you deal with your problems and overcome your trauma
  • Ways to embrace your own worthiness and stop questioning your own worth
  • Why you don’t have to accept the victim mentality of being ‘scarred for life’
  • How to cultivate a vision of the life that you want and are destined to live


“They never dissed me or said I was tarnished by my background. They loved me, and that love made me love myself.” (14:51)

“I heard a voice as clear as I am sitting talking to you, and it was like a man speaking in a megaphone in my right ear. And that voice said “get help now”.” (17:33)

“That’s why I say that I am the luckiest person in the world because I knew what I wanted and I followed the way to get there.” (21:47)

“Never stop, never stop trying to save yourself, don’t stop, keep going.” (24:39)

“I am sure there are kids out there that are just as hurt as I was, and I made it, and so I want them to know that it’s okay. You can hurt and you can do all of those things, but you can make it.” (27:39)


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