Staying stuck is a choice. In today’s episode, Byrdy Lynn Kelley talks about her childhood betrayal, how she got through it as a child, and how she fully healed from it over time. Listen to today’s episode to hear how Byrdy’s childhood betrayal turned around her life for the better. 

Byrdy is the proud mother of one son, who is attending college for industrial engineering and is the CEO and Founder of REAME LLC, a real estate technology company, Melan Property Management LLC, a real estate management firm and BYRDYLYNN LLC, a private publishing company. Byrdy sists on the national IREM Foundation Board and actively volunteers with the Real Estate Associate Program. She holds a BA from the University of Texas at Arlington. 

Byrdy enjoys entrepreneurship and strategizing new ways to make a positive different in people’s lives. She attends Alfred Street Baptist Church virtually where she has been a member since 2013. Her greatest joy lies in seeing others become happy and self-sufficient, finding peace in their own stories. 

In This Episode

  • Finding outlets to feel normal 
  • Rage after betrayal and trauma 
  • Giving pain a purpose 

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