Our morning routine sets the scene for how we approach our entire day. That’s why it’s so important that the activities we do first thing in the morning puts us in a good mood, and helps our bodies naturally wake up feeling more invigorated and energized. Here are a few suggestions to mix into your morning routine that will leave you feeling not only awake, but ready to take on the world. 

1. Take a Cold Shower

It may take a while to get used to this one, but cold showers have a unique way of waking you up with a surge of fresh energy. Aside from waking you up, cold-water showers have various benefits such as promoting greater circulation, immune support, clear skin, and so much more. Who knows… a cold shower may even replace your morning cup of coffee! 

2. A Kiss of Citrus: 

Essential oils with a citrus base are the perfect way to start the day feeling refreshed and ready for what comes your way. A couple of droplets on your wrists or even on the soles of your feet will leave a lingering scent that has energizing and at the same time grounding effects. This purifying oil is a powerful mood lifter, a great stress-reliever, and a cheerful scent to start the day.  

3. A positivity list: 

What better way to begin the day than recognizing what is going well in your life? We tend to focus on the negativity around us, but spending a few minutes in the morning to reflect on what is going right is sure to keep your spirits high throughout the day. No matter how big or how small, there is always something to be grateful for. And a little secret… The more you focus on what is going well in your life, the more positive experiences you will begin to attract. The same rule applies in that the more you focus on what is going wrong in your life, the more negative experiences you will attract… so focus your attention wisely! 

Waking up in the morning doesn’t have to be a task. In fact, you get to wake up every morning with fresh possibilities and new opportunities, so make the most of your morning routine. I think you’ll be surprised by how much these little suggestions will impact your mornings, and that maybe, just maybe, you’ll begin to dread that miserable morning alarm a bit less. You got this! 



233: Once You Have You, You Have Everything w/ Kiko Ellsworth