Words are powerful and if left unchecked, they can cause self-sabotaging behaviors and thoughts. This is what happened to Kiko Ellsworth, but he is a living example that you can create a path of healing by getting to the core of who you truly are.

Kiko’s confidence eroded after hearing his dad say he couldn’t do something. It led him to years of searching for external validation only to realize that self-worth comes from within, not from others. In today’s insightful episode of From Betrayal to Breakthrough, he shares with us how harnessing the power of self-love changed his life. 

About Guest/Topic

Kiko Ellsworth is an Emmy award-winning actor, producer, and director who has appeared in hundreds of television episodes, films, and commercials. Several years ago he dropped all his agents and managers, walked away from the entertainment industry to build a more fulfilling life for himself.

He is now a Kundalini Yoga teacher and men’s evolutionary life coach. He also teaches women self-defense and is the founder of an online school called Ma’at University. He hosted and emceed Evolving Men of Color, a one-day virtual summit that focused on teaching men of color to be more empowered and provided them with the tools they need to be more successful in every area of life.

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In This Episode

  • Who is Kiko Ellsworth? [0:11]
  • What happened to Kiko when he was 5 years old? [3:36]
  • What was Kiko’s life like and what did he do to change it? [6:34]
  • …and many more


“I did lots of stuff in my life but I didn’t have me. I didn’t have me. And so, you know, that was always an underlying self-sabotage feeling that I had. Just at, you know, right here in my shoulder, no matter what I did, what I accomplished, where I went, it was always right there.” [5:18]

“I never felt myself. I had to keep doing these external things to sort of build up an area inside of me that was like a black hole that they would never fulfill because I was constantly looking for these external validations, these external tools, these external things to fill something that I could only be fulfilled from the inside out not the outside in.” [7:38]

“No one’s gonna give you the answer. The answer is going within….You’ve gotta figure this out. You go to do the work, that’s the key. And there are no shortcuts. You are a champion. You are a queen, a king, an empress. You are the light. You are divine. You are the love. You are the power… Love is the only power and you are love, but you gotta figure out the love that is you…Once you figured that out you’ve got everything.”  [18:53]

“While you are struggling, find the beauty. Find the love in the struggle. Because look, no matter what you feel about where you are right now, this is life. And once, you can establish certain truths, then you start build yourself out. Life is beautiful, no matter how you feel about it.” [25:03]


Kiko Ellsworth

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