For over 15 years, Debra has been coaching entrepreneurs and executives to achieve more success with less stress. She helps them uncover and express their greatest strengths and skills, while healing unconscious parts and old traumas that block them from accomplishing what they want most in life. 
Prior to coaching, Debra co-founded 3 businesses and one national non-profit. She learned early on that people are the greatest asset of business, and relationships are the foundation for growth, both professionally and personally. 
She has a Masters in Leadership and Training, she’s a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, and a certified yoga instructor. Debra is the founder of The Success Solution, a system that teaches people to combine business brains with body wisdom, to achieve big goals in a way that actually feels good.

In This Episode 

  • Emotions that cause physical pain 
  • Healing the nervous system 
  • The gift in betrayal 
  • Listening to our gut 


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