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Imagine if you could:

Get unstuck and regain your spark
Feel peaceful, healthy and back in control
Reclaim your energy, excitement, and confidence
Heal from your heartbreak
Feel better in your own skin
Put yourself first - once and for all.

This is where your transformation begins.

We got you.

We're so excited to welcome you into a community that sees, hears, and supports you. Enough already, let's get you feeling better.



Ongoing Support
and Step by Step 




  • Full Access to Dr. Debi's Proven Step-by-Step Research Based Programs Taking You From Betrayal to Breakthrough
  • Personalized Welcoming Process to Create Your Perfect Experience
  • Recordings of Masterclasses from Curated Experts
  • Transformation Tracker
  • Private Safe Community
  • Group Classes From the Comfort of Your Own Home
  • Recordings of Weekly "Coffee Chats" with Dr. Debi 
  • Resource Directory
  • Monthly Member Spotlight/Charity Component
  • Ability to work with Certified Coaches/Practitioners on an a-la-carte basis

Right now you need 4 things:


A community that sees you and hears you with like-minded people who understand what you’re going through


A team of mentors (who have been through betrayal, too) all ready to support you


A customized transformation tracker that fits your unique needs and holds you accountable


A research-based, proven step-by-step process to move forward from betrayal to breakthrough so you heal physically, mentally and emotionally


“A month after PBT online was made available to members, I suddenly experienced a trauma response from a flashback of a darker time in my life. During that flashback experience, I asked the universe to guide me to release my trauma. The following day my answer came when I heard Debi for the first time on an online summit. As I heard about the 5 stages of PBT, I received the clarity and awareness that I needed to launch forward from the state of feeling trapped by my trauma experiences. Fortunately I signed up as a member of the PBT online community, which turned out to offer a “buffet” of supportive resources to meet my needs to connect and learn the steps toward transformation and more. This is by far the best online support community I have ever seen or experienced and covers all the bases.”

Kelley G - CA

Dr. Debi
Founder of The PBT Institute

Hi there, I’m Dr. Debi, and I believe that betrayal is one of the most painful of the human experiences. How do I know? I’ve been there.

It was my own betrayals-first from my family and then from my husband that shattered my heart, trust and life as I’d known it. It didn’t make any sense. These were the people I loved and trusted...how could they hurt me like that? If I couldn’t count on or feel safe with the people I trusted the most...who could I trust? How would I navigate through this new space I found myself in while running my business, being there for my 4 kids, clients...and 6 dogs too? How could I make sense out of this and how would I ever be able to heal my heart, my mind and my heart?

Those questions drove me right to a PhD program in Transpersonal Psychology (the psychology of transformation and human potential). While I was there, I did a study. I studied how we experience betrayal-what holds us back, what helps us heal and what happens to us (physically, mentally and emotionally) when the people closest to us lie, cheat and deceive?

That study led to 3 groundbreaking discoveries:

  1. Healing from betrayal is very different than healing from other life crises like the death of a loved one, disease or natural disaster. With any crisis we grieve, we mourn and we’re sad, but because betrayal feels so intentional, we take it so personally. We need to heal from feelings of rejection, abandonment, belonging, confidence, worthiness, trust in addition to grieving what we’ve lost. So that type of healing needed its own name which is now called Post Betrayal Transformation (PBT).
  2. While we can stay stuck for years, decades, a lifetime (and so many of us do just that), if we’re going to heal, we’re going to go through 5 stages. What’s even more exciting is we also discovered what happens (physically, mentally and emotionally) at every stage and what it takes to move from one stage to the next!
  3. There’s a collection of physical, mental and emotional symptoms so common to betrayal, it’s known as Post Betrayal Syndrome (PBS).

"Amazing woman Debi! Wow! I am proud to say I am at the beginning of stage 5. Knowing the 5 stages helped me identify where I am in my healing journey and, it validated what I have been through. I feel more hopeful! I also finished reading your book and, to be honest, even though it is short, it is the most straightforward and to the point book, I have ever read. No BS, no dancing around the words, no unnecessary useless pages to express the same idea. You did not waste my time. Thank you! I am enjoying this course tremendously, especially the exercises. much much gratitude." Love, Rita. Cairo, Egypt

Rita, Cairo, Egypt

With these discoveries, now healing isn’t just hopeful...it’s predictable. Whether you rebuild yourself and move on (that’s what I did with my family), or if you want to and if the situation lends itself, you rebuild an ENTIRELY NEW relationship with the person who hurt you (that’s what I did with my husband.)

You can’t undo the betrayal, but you can control how long and to what extent it impacts your health, relationships, work and life. We know exactly what it takes to move forward after your betrayals so you can prevent repeat betrayals and rebuild the health, confidence and happiness you deserve.

You don’t have to stay sick, sad or stuck. Since these discoveries, I realized that nothing like this exists. I couldn’t find what I needed to fully heal from all that’s been impacted after a painful experience with betrayal so I created it: community, support, a research-based proven system and strategies all waiting to help take you from Post Betrayal Syndrome to Post Betrayal Transformation. When we’re moving through one of the most painful experiences of our lives, we need:

Curated Experts

I couldn’t find all of this information, specialists, community and support in one place so it’s been created for you. The study showed exactly what moves people forward and what keeps them stuck so everything we teach is what works so we don’t waste any time (because who wants to stay in that painful place a minute longer than we need to?) Also, betrayal doesn’t just affect us emotionally, it affects us mentally, physically, psychologically and spiritually too. So while it’s helpful to see a specialist in any one of those areas, what about the other areas that are impacted and need attention?

There’s no program I’m aware of that encompassed healing all of the areas hard hit by betrayal-the body, mind and spirit...so it’s now been created for you with curated content, tools and the type of support that would help you heal through this especially painful type of crisis.

Here’s your opportunity to go from breakdown to breakthrough with everything you need from those who’ve been there, who get it and who are dedicated to helping you heal.

I warmly welcome you inside your Membership Community …


"The first time I heard you speak I knew I had to join PBT and work with you and I am so grateful that I did. It was nice to work with someone who has been there, gets it and healed in such a positive way. You are a role model and an inspiration to all who are on this journey of what is truly possible. You helped me understand where I am and what I need to do to move forward. The seed has been planted and I am taking better care of myself in so many ways. I am much more focused on where I am going rather than where I have been. Your work has changed my life and I know it will change the lives of many others as well."- Tracy, MI

Tracy, MI

Here is what's inside:
Immediately upon becoming a member, you’ll gain access to our signature welcoming process which will take you through these 5 steps:

PBT Client Care

  1. 1
    To prevent overwhelm with so many options to choose from once inside the community, you’ll receive a private 1-1 onboarding call with Ling, PBT Community Care Specialist to determine the best way for you to move through all you’ll have access to based on your specific needs.
  2. 2
    A questionnaire/quiz so we can get to know you and facilitate your growth as best as possible.
  3. 3
    Be matched with an accountability buddy (if you want)  inside the community (you’re never alone) or you can stay as anonymous as you want to


The private community is now at your fingertips with 24/7 access to chat, share and connect at any time. This is your safe space to share what’s on your mind and receive support when you need it most. 

Dr. Debi and her team create empowering discussions that’ll have you buzzing through your breakthroughs.

 If we notice that you’ve been rather quiet, our warm and loving PBT Community Care Specialist will send you a gentle nudge 😉.


Enjoy a variety of masterclasses so you can learn from specially curated expert speakers and mentors who’ll take you through their step-by-step process of healing and transformation.

Group calls with Certified PBT Coaches and Practitioners and special guests you can learn from regularly.

Dr. Debi also holds weekly “Coffee Chats” over Zoom where she opens the call to any and all of your questions.

 *Upgraded Members: Private 1-on-1 sessions with a Certified PBT Coach or Certified PBT Practitioner who each specialize in a variety of topics and modalities, private monthly calls with Dr. Debi, AND more!

Transformation Tracker

This is where you’ll really shine! One of the most important pieces to overcoming your betrayal is seeing your progress which is why we’ve developed a unique custom approach to tracking your results month after month.

You’ll gain access to your transformation tracker immediately upon becoming a member.

Guess what? It doesn’t stop there… 

By becoming  a member (either our Standard or Upgraded) today you also gain access to:

The Programs: 24/7 access to slower or quicker paced programs to do at your own pace and on your own schedule. All designed to move you predictably from betrayal to breakthrough!

The Member Spotlight: Each month we highlight one member who's courageously showing up and we shower them with gifts and goodies.

The Monthly Charity Give: We believe in paying it forward so every month, 10% of your membership investment goes towards a chosen charity. So, as you help yourself, you’re directly helping others too. 

Certification: What if your betrayal to breakthrough brings you so much clarity that you want to help others, too? We’ve got you covered in our signature PBT certification training that you can inquire about at any time. Imagine the possibilities that await you as you help others heal now that you’ve experienced your own transformation!

Becoming a PBT Mentor: Imagine how great you'll feel when you have the opportunity to help others who are starting on the path you've paved. Paying it forward is just one of the many strategies we use to help YOU heal.

We’ve been through it, we’ve healed, and we’ve even done the study on exactly what it takes to heal from betrayal...once and for all.

We also know how scary it can be to trust anyone or anything (yep, another side effect of betrayal that we’ll help you move through) and that’s exactly why there’s no long term commitment and you can cancel at any time-but why would you want to?

Your betrayal doesn’t have to define you or keep you stuck any longer. We’ve got you. Join us by clicking the button and getting started right now-your community is waiting for you!


I can’t even find the words to properly describe how instrumental you have been in helping me change my life. When I came to you I felt broken and defeated. I wanted to change my life, I just didn’t know how or where to start. With your help I created Debra 2.0, the new and improved version of myself that I always dreamed I could be. For those who feel lost, beaten down or in despair, they owe it to themselves to call you. I’m so glad I did!

Debra - New York



Ongoing Support
and Step by Step 




  • Full Access to Dr. Debi's Proven Step-by-Step Research Based Programs Taking You From Betrayal to Breakthrough
  • Personalized Welcoming Process to Create Your Perfect Experience
  • Recordings of Masterclasses from Curated Experts
  • Transformation Tracker
  • Private Safe Community
  • Group Classes From the Comfort of Your Own Home
  • Recordings of Weekly "Coffee Chats" with Dr. Debi 
  • Resource Directory
  • Monthly Member Spotlight/Charity Component
  • Ability to work with Certified Coaches/Practitioners on an a-la-carte basis

I thank God every day for putting a woman like Debi Silber into my life. I was urged to seek her help when I was at my lowest point. She opened my eyes to the path I was going down and where I would end up if I never took charge of my life. She made me realize that the fear of the unknown and being comfortable in my less than ideal situation was what was holding me back. If I wanted to see my life change, I was the only person who could make that happen. She helped me take charge. This amazing woman listened to me, gave me words of encouragement, strategies on how to cope and deal with my emotions and anxiety, and most importantly, held me accountable. She was always there for me, and I know she always will be. Debi helped me save me from myself and helped me build a life that I always dreamt of. The months we worked together were some of my worst, but they were also my best because Debi gave me the strength to grow as a woman and realize my worth. I will forever be grateful to Debi for giving me so much and for giving me my life back!

Allison - New York

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WOW, this is so powerful and the most comprehensive explanation of the transformation process I've heard at age 78. It looks like a lot of work but I'm excited and hopeful after many programs, years of therapy and even working as a psychotherapist to gain freedom to embrace and hold onto ME. Thank you for doing your work and going on to inspire others. You are deeply appreciated.

Lynnet - VA

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