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“Why is it important to eat well and exercise when you’ve been betrayed? A few reasons. The most important is everything in your life feels like it’s completely chaotic and out of control. This may be the only thing you have control over, so it feels good to grab the reins again where you feel like, okay, you know what? Everything else is so crazy, but I got this.” – Dr. Debi Silber

“There’s a version of you who is so confident, healthy, peaceful, and happy on the other end of your healing, and we can’t wait to help you get there.” – Dr. Debi Silber

00:01:00 Tips for improving sleep quality after betrayal

00:03:00 Importance of doing personal work before entering a new relationship 

00:05:00 Importance of eating well and exercising after betrayal

00:05:40 Importance of having the right tools and support during the healing process



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