Empowerment through financial independence is a concept that emphasizes the importance of taking control of one’s finances and using money as a tool to create the life one desires. This idea is particularly relevant in the context of divorce, where individuals often find themselves navigating the complexities of financial separation and rebuilding their lives.

If you’re going through a betrayal, separation, or divorce, the added factor of finances can make things even more complicated. Today’s guest, Mikelann Valterra, a Money Coach, Author, Keynote Speaker and Leader in the field of Financial Psychology, provides practical strategies and emotional intelligence techniques to help you transform your relationship with money, escape financial stress, and find peace and stability.

Mikelann emphasizes the importance of knowing how money affects us on a personal level. Does money represent freedom or security to you? Identifying your money personality can help you make better financial decisions and ultimately design a life you love.

We all make mistakes when it comes to money, but it’s crucial to forgive ourselves and learn from them. Dwelling on past mistakes can hinder our emotional and physical well-being. Instead, let’s focus on moving forward and creating a plan to improve our relationship with money. Mikelann reminds us that we are on a journey with money, and it’s time to enhance and improve our relationship with it. By doing so, we can overcome obstacles and create a brighter financial future.

If you’re interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the psychology behind our financial decisions, tune in to gain insights on navigating finances during challenging life transitions.


Key Takeaways:

[00:01:49] The psychology side of money.

[00:05:30] Fear around money in divorce.

[00:09:54] Couples polarizing with money.

[00:12:26] Changing money conditioning.

[00:15:47] Creativity in meeting needs.

[00:19:34] Willingness to try something different.

[00:23:34] Financial forgiveness.

[00:25:09] Enhancing our relationship with money.

[00:29:00] Transforming Relationships After Betrayal.


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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/seattlemoneycoach/

FREE E-book: https://seattle-money-coach.mykajabi.com/how-to-stop-stress-about-money-create-life-you-love


Memorable Quotes

“One of the things that happens when women go through divorce is your natural money personality gets bigger and stronger because there’s no, if you will, opposing force. There’s no one else that’s pushing on you to be any different than you are. And so, when women are really highly motivated by freedom and they go through a divorce, there’s a lot of fear that they’re not going to be traveling the way they used to.” – Mikelann Valterra

“I love saying that the art of planning your spending is the art of crafting the life you desire. So, if there is nothing more powerful than stepping into crafting the life that you most want and so learning how to plan your spending is really about learning how to architect the life that you want to create.” – Mikelann Valterra




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