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6 Ways to Actually Get Your Work Done

Turn off the TV
Even if it’s just in the background, having the TV on will divide your attention and will likely lead to lower performance on your work. You can go into a room without a TV, or simply turn it off- you may be surprised at the difference in your work efficiency.

Play classical music 
Once the TV is off, you can put on a playlist of classical music, or any soothing music that preferably doesn’t have lyrics. Classical music is always a great option, or you can search other soothing stations known to enhance focus.

Download Focus Apps
If you ever find yourself scrolling for hours on social media pages and youtube videos of dancing cats, then this may be perfect for you. There are various apps available on your phone and computer specifically designed to help you concentrate, and do so by temporarily blocking other apps and websites in the meantime. A few of the most popular focus apps include Freedom, Serene, LeechBlock NG, and FocusMe. Happy studying!

Figure out your peak time and weak time
Take a moment to reflect on which times during the day you are at your peak, or the most able to concentrate and focus on your work. Your peak time might be in the morning when you wake up or perhaps right after lunch, while your weak time may be right before a meal, or right before bed- everyone is different. Knowing these will give you insight on when it’s best to sit down and do your work, and when to take a break.

Little by Little
Little steps go a long way! Dedicating thirty minutes to an hour each day will slowly but surely get the task done, since it’s easier to fit a smaller time frame into your day. 

Write it in an organizer 
Writing the task down or setting reminders on your phone will serve as daily reminders of the work to be completed, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting until the day it’s due! 

BONUS: Adaptiv Essential Oil
This essential oil is magical when it comes to enhancing your concentration whether working on a task or studying for an exam. Simply place one or two drops in the palms of your hands and inhale, then exhale. You got this!


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