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Abigail Rebecca grew up in a devout Jehovah’s Witness family. When she began to question the strict religious rules and conditions she was expected to live her life by, Abigail was rejected by her family and told that she was a ‘bad association’ for the family.

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Instead of going along with a life where she was never allowed to question things, Abigail struck out on her own and decided to create her own rules. This episode is filled with Abigail’s unique and emotional story and sheds a light on what happens when you are betrayed by both your family and your religion.

Now an international coach, speaker and host of The Whole Shebang Project, Abigail helps smart and independent women escape their soul-sucking corporate jobs so that they can live a fulfilled, happy and purposeful life without risking financial security and status. With her Big Change, Small Steps framework, Abigail is here to help you find your way to make a difference in the world while making millions doing it.

If you feel betrayed by your religion, family or upbringing because you were taught something that intuitively didn’t make sense to you, this is an episode that you can’t miss. By making decisions based out of love and not fear and trusting your gut and the fact that you are destined for something greater, Abigail is passionate about helping you listen to your inner voice.

A non-judgemental conversation about free will, questioning the other side of the story you have been told, and trusting yourself, Abigail is the expert you need to hear from. Have you ever felt betrayed by the false truths you were raised to believe? Share your story with us in the comments below.

In This Episode

  • Gain insight into life growing up in a devout Jehovah’s Witness family
  • How to stop the victim mentality and avoid placing blame on others
  • The power of tenacity, determination, and believing in yourself in adversity
  • Why you should make decisions based on love and not based on fear
  • How to ask questions of yourself and others to follow your gut intentions


“Looking back on it, I was completely, completely brainwashed and immersed in this religion that was basically dictating who I could hang around with, who could be my friends, what I should wear, the kind of life that I should lead, the kind of person I should marry. And really held by this fear that if I didn’t adhere to all the rules and the conditions… then eventually when the end of the world happens, that I would die.” (4:35)

“It’s so traumatic because everybody that you love, everybody that you hold dear in the world, just goes away. And you are left in this world that you don’t really understand because you haven’t been brought up like other people.” (13:28)

“I just started to realize that actually what I was taught when I was growing up, around associating with the right people and being careful about who influenced your mind, that was actually right. But they were doing it in a really controlling way, whereas I discovered that actually it was my choice, it was my choice who I wanted to associate with.” (17:28)

“They were doing this out of love because they truly thought it was the right thing. And I think the understanding around that, and not actually blaming them… that was the first thing, and then the second thing was really truly believing in myself that I was destined for more.” (20:00)

“If you are ever in any situation like I was, where you are in any religion or any cult where there is only one side of the story and you are not allowed to question and find out the other side, always find out what the other side of the story is. Because how can you make informed decisions if you only have one side of the story?” (26:46)


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