Have you ever heard of the DISC assessment? Midori Verity is one of the most innovative and successful marriage and communication coaches out there, who helps couples elevate their relationships by improving communication. Midori uses the DISC assessment to identify personality traits and help her clients adapt and adjust so that they can have a more peaceful and harmonious relationship, and is here today to share her knowledge with you.

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If you are feeling unheard in your relationship or need help connecting, Midori’s insight into the four personality types can help you press the reset button and start to develop more support and synergy in your relationship. The DISC assessment can help you understand why your relationship is in trouble, assess what you need to do to move forward, and even help you when making decisions in the future.

By learning about what makes your personality type tick, you can better prepare yourself to find the job or relationship that suits you perfectly, and who doesn’t want that? When it comes to relationships, it is all about the Platinum Rule, which helps you speak the language your partner speaks so that you know you are both being heard and understood.

Are you ready to learn about you and your partner’s personality types and harness that information to start speaking each other’s languages? Share where you fall on the DISC assessment with us in the comments below.

In This Episode

  • Which personality combinations work well, and don’t work well, in relationships
  • Learn how high-stress situations can impact the way in which you communicate
  • Why it is important to understand the different personality types of your partner
  • Tips for each personality type to communicate in another personality language
  • Discover which personality combinations are most likely to experience a betrayal


“We all have a different language, we all have a different behavioral style and personality type, and when we can match that, we are going to be listened to more, we are going to be received more, and our conversations are going to be much more successful.” (3:37)

“When you go through challenges in life, whether it’s in your relationship or outside of your relationship it doesn’t matter, but when we go through challenges and we feel stressed, we react differently, that’s why this is so important.” (11:02)

“In general, our natural graphs stay about the same, they will not change that much. But, we can learn techniques to help us improve in certain areas so that we can acquiesce in relationships.” (27:15)

“You have to kind of get to know what you are. I recommend for everybody to take a DISC assessment, even if you did before, take it again. And think about it from a relationship standpoint.” (28:29)

“The way that we see the world, is not how others see the world. So if you are bashing heads with your partner, often just some tweaks in the way that you understand them and the way you respond to them will diffuse situations.” (30:16)


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