After a betrayal, it is common to feel held by your grief and trauma, unable to break free and live your best life. Alyson Franz realized this, and after being trained in comprehensive energy psychology she created the Paradime Shift LLC to help people transform their lives with individualized programs to achieve major personal and life changes. She put the concept of life transformation officially on the map in Rhode Island and is here today to share exciting ways to move forward from the pain and grief of trauma. 

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Alyson helps her clients find an answer on how to heal from grief when ‘giving it time’ just isn’t working for you. She is here to help all of us realize the clue that there is something more to life, and learn how to release our trauma so we can walk around without the heavy burden of it day after day. 

Today Alyson is sharing her 4 Step Process for Healing from Grief and Trauma, her favorite forms of energy therapy, and the nine most typical barriers to healing trauma that she sees regularly. Plus, she is exploring the relationship she has with her mentor, dismissing myths about grief and trauma, and so much more. 

If you are ready to transform your life and stop being burdened by the pain and grief of trauma, this episode is for you. Have you tried any of the energy therapy techniques Alyson describes today? Let us know in the comments below! 

In This Episode

  • Healing from grief using unconventional and unique ways 
  • Why people carry grief, trauma, and pain for decades  
  • The role that guilt plays in letting go of grief and how to begin to release it
  • Differences between energy psychology and comprehensive energy psychology
  • How time can help in allowing yourself to experience healing 


“Once I started to figure out how to heal my grief, I started to realize that what was underneath it was a lot of trauma from childhood” (2:47)

“That just got me started thinking about healing and life and what is meant to be in a whole different way. And I hit the ground running and I’ve been running ever since” (7:32)

“I could just feel literally an internal shift that I wanted and that’s when I went, I need more of this stuff in my life. And I also realized I needed to become proficient in it so that I could share it with the world” (10:33)

“I think we just need to be able to get out of our own way and look at guilt for the lack of value that it really has.” (14:06)

“Even though it might feel overwhelming, we are energetic beings, and we have ways to get to the root of the problem and release it” (19:10)

“I believe that everything is meant to move us forward in life. So once you heal from this, once you do these first three steps you are going to be better than you have ever been before” (30:29)


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