What if your betrayal was the paying of a karmic debt from generations ago or a karmic imprint on your soul memory? Dr. Swan Montague was given three months to live over 17 years ago when a master teacher and healer appeared at her death bed instructing her to clear the seals on the realms of secret knowledge. After spending twelve years in total seclusion learning the sacred knowledge of the universe, Dr. Swan emerged as one of the world’s leading experts on karma.

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If you are doing all the work that you can to move past your betrayal without success, a past life or karmic synergy may be the answer to finding true healing. Dr. Swan is here to help you identify your patterns, which of the three main roles you are playing in your karmic debts, and how to become okay with not being able to fix everything. 

By addressing your ancestral lineage as well as through our own souls’ past lives both individually and as a group, you can clear your karmic history and get rid of the pain that has been plaguing you. An energetic and spiritual detox and a complete reprogramming are necessary to heal the unfinished business and trauma you have from this life or past life and pay your karmic debts. 

In the end, we are spiritual beings here to have a spiritual experience, and it is your challenge and opportunity to bring that spiritual experience together with your human reality to become a divine-human and heal your karmic past.

Do you feel that karma could be playing a role in your current pain or past betrayal? Share what you learned from Dr. Swan in this episode in the comments below.

In This Episode 

  • Why it is important to clear and heal your past and future karma scenarios
  • Understanding how betrayal can be a karmic debt from generations ago
  • How to know when you have healed your karmic betrayal and moved beyond it
  • Looking at the souls’ journey through many lives and your own ancestral heritage
  • Ways to get out of the cycle of playing the hero, victim or perpetrator


“Everything is karmic, everything that is happening in our reality is karma. There’s good karma and bad karma but basically we all come in with a certain amount of karmic rebalancing that we need to get through in this life.” (2:42) 

“When we heal the trauma and we clear the pattern and clear the karma, our reality completely changes, because we are creating our reality all the time.” (8:01) 

“We have all been our own ancestor seven or eight generations before, so very often we are playing out patterns in our life that were set up as we were our own ancestor.” (14:37)

“Once we heal that pain we can then observe, we can then witness and be very, very present emotionally with people going through trauma without having to be the hero, without having to fix them or rescue them.” (19:53)

“We are not here to save the world, we are here to be one with the divine and be in divine service and allow the divine to work through us in whatever way it needs.” (21:28) 


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