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Amanda Testa is a sex, love, and relationship expert, and founder of Find Your Feminine Fire. Her methods bridge ancient tantric tools combined with the latest in neuroscience to help high performing women ditch the guilt and unworthiness and embody confidence, radiance, and vitality in all areas of their life.

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Amanda’s life mission is to help women reconnect to their feminine fire, so she created her signature Feminine Fire Method. She believes that sexuality is the missing key in personal growth and development. In today’s episode, she will discuss body betrayal and ways to regain a woman’s self-esteem.

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In This Episode

  • Learn how to get your confidence back after a betrayal experience
  • Discover how you can reconnect to your body and senses through awareness
  • Know how you can walk through the five senses ritual


“It’s always a beautiful thing to become a parent. But the other part of it that a lot of times isn’t talked about is how, you know the struggles around redefining who you are.” [4:04]

“I think I just had kind of lost my identity after becoming a mother.” [6:30]

“This is not just about having sex. It’s about connecting to that essence of who you are, and your radiance and your lifeforce.” [8:28]

“A lot of times, it’s just being able to move forward, because you fall into that survival mode.” [10:41]

“It’s just rewiring yourself for pleasure that you’re worthy of it, that you deserve it.” [15:09]

“When you really learn to embrace that part of you, it kind of spreads out into other areas.” [19:51]

“Because when you’re present, and you are in your body, and you’re enjoying all your senses, there’s such an innate joy in that.” [21:52]

“Pleasure is such a huge key. It’s like a vital nutrient you need; your daily dose of vitamin D.” [26:47]


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