Did you know that patterns that may arise in your families, such as theft, cheating, and bankruptcy, could actually be being passed down throughout the generations genetically? Ariann Thomas has been exploring the connection between familial patterns and decisions for thirty-five years and helps her clients rewrite history and leave their past ancestors’ burdens behind to change their own lives for the better.

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Ariann believes that by healing the roots that may have started growing centuries ago, you can create a life filled with health, abundance, and happiness for yourself and future generations. Today she is sharing exactly how patterns and predispositions can be inherited through families, how to recognize and break a cycle of genetic transfer, and gives us a look into what her clients experience when on a Shamanic Journey to find generational healing and internal peace.

When you are able to go back and clear your patterns of betrayal from past generations, you can make way for a future full of healing and hope for the next. If you are open to the idea of rewriting history to change your familial decisions, clear out negative energy, and fill your soul with the happiness of the present, Ariann is here to help you take the first step on that journey.

Have you ever noticed a feeling of a past burden or a common family disposition? Let us know how you can relate to Ariann’s teachings in the comments section below.

In This Episode

  • Understanding the difference between nature and nurture in genetic predispositions
  • Why you may be genetically inclined to pick a certain type of partner or career
  • How to address traumatic experiences that have continued in the family for generations
  • Analyzing the role meditation and mindfulness can play in repairing your damaged DNA
  • What to do if you notice a pattern in your family behaviors that you want to change


“Memories get passed down through our genes, into our children and our grandchildren. And they are triggered by actions that we see happening around us in our families.” (5:18)

“You may have a family history of betrayal, you don’t have to play that out if you are trained differently and that betrayal gene is not turned on and expressed.” (9:40)

“Until you heal the wounds that we have inherited until you heal the wounds that create that pattern, the pattern will continue to grow, the pattern will continue to manifest in your life, and the pattern will continue to show up in your children and grandchildren and future generations.” (13:07)

“I always talk about healing from the roots, but this is like the real roots, back many many generations ago.” (31:40) – Debi


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