The impact of past betrayal is proven, real and treatable. How can you help your patients and coaching clients heal from it? ‘The Science of Treating Betrayal’ will introduce you to Dr. Debi Silber founder of The (PBT) Post Betrayal Transformation Institute in this session of Extraordinary Instruction by The Wellness Universe.

Join Anna Pereira for a live conversation with Dr. Debi. Ask questions and learn more about the symptoms and how to help your clients heal now.

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Dr. Debi’s PhD study on betrayal, dove into: What holds us back, what helps us heal and what happens to us physically, mentally and emotionally, when the people closest to us like family members, partners, friends or coworkers, lie, cheat and deceive us. Her study of over 6,000 people worldwide returned these conclusions:

– Over 60% suffer from physical ailments

– Over 50% suffer from mental ailments

– Over 50% suffer from emotional symptoms

– 84% have an inability to trust

– 67% prevent themselves from forming deep relationships because they are fearful of being vulnerable and hurt

– 90% want to move forward but don’t know how

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Dr. Debi